Workplace Smoking Essay Example

Workplace Smoking Essay Example
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Cigarettes have been proscribed, massacring more mothers, sisters, brothers, and you and my family members for years. "Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States, killing more than 489,000 Americans each year." (National Center for Chronic Disease). Employers have banned cigarettes from being smoked in or outside of the workplace. Employers have placed policies and procedures prohibiting Organizations from hiring cigarette smokers. Vapes and e-cigarettes are new alternative methods for nicotine dependent employees to comply with employers' policies and receive the nicotine need.

Employers’ Policies

Workplace policies stop employees and patients from smoking in a Healthcare Organization presence. Most Healthcare Organization will not be hiring an interviewee that smoke, making interviewees take nicotine tests before hiring them. Employers reason behind prohibiting nicotine in the work environment due to nicotine being a leading killer in American, secondhand smoke, and the addiction that it was on its consumer. When vapes and e-cigarettes become more of a trend for smokers, employers are inventing making these a part of workplace condemnation policies.

Comparing a cigarette to an e-cigarette is like comparing an Emergency Room to an Urgent Care, people think they are the same, when in fact they are completely different. A cigarette has harmful components like tar, toxic chemicals, poison that does serve damage to the human body. E-cigarettes contain the same amount of nicotine, particles, and less serve chemicals. Cigarettes can cause cancer, lung disease, and cardiac arrest. E-cigarettes can bother the throat. "Do you want the tobacco industry to carry on making cigarettes, which are highly addictive and kill when used as intended, or do you want them to move to a product which is much nearer licensed nicotine replacement therapy and is unlikely to kill anyone?" (D Arnott, 2015)

Cigarettes Vs. E-cigarette

Cigarette users smoke cigarettes to receive the nicotine toxins that are released, giving nicotine depends by releasing stimulating signals to provide a relaxed, claim, and stress-free environment for a few seconds out of the day. "Most substances that have stimulant qualities, including the nicotine in cigarettes, produce belief feeling of improvement in mood." (Hernandez, 2010-2019). Cigarette smoke attaches to smokers’ clothes, that can last for the entire day.

The smoke can attach to clothes, furniture, and hair. Cigarettes harm others by handling out secondhand smoke to passersby, patients, and children. Research comparing cigarette smoke to electronic smoke shows, cigarettes smokers are exposed to more smoke damage than Vape users.  E-cigarettes can provide smokers with the same stimulating signals, with less damage. E-cigarettes are composed of three things: a liquid or a nicotine, an atomizer to vaporize the liquid, and a battery to activate the vaporizing process. This new development should change the way an organization looks at or considers nicotine dependent as potential employees. Workplace policies should be more compatible with the advancement of nicotine products.

E-cigarette companies are reducing the number of toxins mixed in with nicotine, reducing the amount of harm with each puff. E-cigarettes have not been reported to have the same addictive substance as cigarettes. E-Cigarette Companies are not implying that their products are able to reduce or help smokers quit cigarettes but could help reduce the risk to themselves and others. E- cigarettes have different flavors and odors. The cost for an E-cigarettes is competitive product price. These new developments in the method of the way nicotine administration can provide thousands with less of a death sentence.  "E-cigarettes have the potential to benefit adults' smokers who are not pregnant if used as a complete substitute for regular cigarettes and other smoked tobacco products." (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2019).

Nicotine Relationship

When smoking a cigarette, it feels like a moment of relaxation, relief, and as if you have arrived at your content place. The relationship between cigarettes and a person begins, awaking a bond between the smoker and nicotine. My relationship with nicotine began when I started college; the burden of the start of completing the momentum of tasks that would decide my future was overwhelming. This feeling leads me to purchase and inhale my first cigarette. I was able to exit the conversation of anxiety that was inside my head, even for a short period. It was a scramble to stay afloat, a cigarette was a net. I began to use that moment to enhance my drive, I would let the temptation of the feeling dangle in my face, as I accelerated to complete my assignment. I let stress pile up on my shoulder as I raced to achieve my daily goals while using the trophy containing intoxicating supplies of nicotine as a reward. Knowing that I could insert relief into my veins and be relieved from stress, anxiety, or pain just for a few minutes out of the day is workplace compliance. This method is a value in the workplace for employers. This moment happens for a lot of smokers, these moments could be used as an incentive in the workplace.


E-cigarettes are considered a product when sold on the market, making them different from cigarettes to the FDA. E-cigarettes are not under the same laws as the cigarettes. Scientists have no conclusion on the effects that e-cigarettes can have on the human body. Healthcare providers are advised to advocate for different alternative methods for quitting cigarettes. Providers are told by the FDA that patients' choice to use e-cigarettes as a method that they are encouraged to do, to decrease the number of toxins that are in cigarette smoke. Healthcare employers are advocating for policy regulators to consider e-cigarettes the same as cigarettes banning them from use in or outside of the workplace.


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