Women's Rights Essay Example

Women's Rights Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 April 2021

Usually your gender does not determine your social and civil rights.

This story shows that sometimes, it does, in some parts of the history of my country, it does,

gender determined their rights. There are tons of different cultures in Asia, one of them called, persian culture. This culture is patriarchal. In this culture, men think they’re more valuable than women, they think they are smarter, they’re more complete, they think they can analyze issues better, and they think women are created for them. In this culture men can heat woman if they don't obey their husband and women can not do anything about it. Men also use these conditions in society to provide more freedom for themselves.

I drove all these examples to show how much gender is, in determining the civil rights of people. In this article, I will show you what women did for their civil rights. 

In this article, I will show you why defending and empowering women's rights is important.

Women's rights are the term that refers to the freedom and the rights of women of all ages.  These rights may or may not be recognized by the law or traditional or ethical laws of a community.  The reason for the specific grouping of these rights under the title Women and separating them from more general rights, such as human rights, is that, in theory, these rights are recognized at birth for all human beings, but women's rights advocates show that for historical reasons and  Cultural women and girls are more likely to be excluded than men.

The issue of women's rights usually includes matters such as body authority, autonomy, right to vote, right to work, equal pay for equal work, right to property, right to education, right to study in the army, guardianship, marriage and religion.

 Equal rights are the right of all people:

The first and easiest of every person's right is to enjoy social and civil rights, far from gendr. These rights are not respected for Iranian women.  Legal rights such as abortion, inheritance, the rights to choose the type of dress and in some areas, the right to education.

Iranian women did a lot of efforts and activities in this regard

One of these activities was the creation of a campaign called, one million signatures in the summer of 2009, where a group of women took the decision to build a campaign after the beating of a women's rights activist. Their goal was to globalize their voice and to be able to change some of the ruling patriot's laws. Prior to this campaign, the men and women police clashed in the most violent manner with the community on June 22, 2006 in Tehran, and more than 70 people were arrested.

Groups of those activists of the women's movement decided, after the rally, to begin another collective and purposeful move to continue pursuing the goals announced in the resolution.  Eventually, in 2010, they succeeded in changing some of the rules, such as the right to reparation and inheritance.  (Writing resource)


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