The Wolf Among Us. The Game Analysis Example

A successful video game with a large fan base is Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. The Wolf Among Us’ prominent source of interest comes from the story world that the game presents. The storyline is very sophisticated which gives the game a lot of support and fandom. In the beginning, the player is thrown into a murder mystery in which the player has no idea where the game is taking him/her. The player’s choices determine the endings to an extent as well. The Wolf Among Us will take the player on an emotional rollercoaster up until the end of the game where there is a large twist that caused a significant amount of controversy among The Wolf Among Us community. 

The Wolf Among Us introduces the player to two prostitutes, Faith and Narrissa, that look very similar. In the game the player plays as a Werewolf dectective named Sheriff Bigby Wolf. According to Bigby Wolf’s character’s interpretation of the murder mystery, Faith's decapitated head is found on the ground at the beginning of the game. Later on, the game introduces Narrissa as another prostitute working alongside Faith prior to her death. Narrissa leads the player on a quest to kill the crooked man, the main antagonist of the game. In the end, Narrissa says “You’re not as bad as they say.” This is word for word the exact same sentence that Faith said to Bigby Wolf before she was supposedly killed. That's when Bigby Wolf realizes that Faith and Narrissa are one person and the game ends on that cliffhanger. There are two main theories regarding the very suspicious ending of The Wolf Among Us. “Faith” was Narrissa and made up her identity to lead the player’s character to kill the main villain. The other theory is that “Narrissa” was Faith at the beginning and planted someone else's decapitated head to lead the player into killing the main villain as well. Both theories seem to suggest that the Bigby Wolf confuses one prostitute's identity with two prositutes. So obviously, the game’s storyline is very intriguing and makes for a big splash in the RPG category.

Another significant section of the Wolf Among Us’ fanbase is the fans of its animation. The animation in the game is awe-inspiring because of the intricate details that the graphics cover. The game has a significant amount of fan art because of its popularity and positive reviews as well. The Wolf Among Us has an animation style that makes the characters look realistic in a cartoon-like way. So it's pretty evident that the animators did not intend for a very realistic style. I feel the style’s choice accurately represents the fantasy fairytale aspects of the game. 

Another type of fan of The Wolf Among Us would be the type of gamer that enjoys the action of the game. Wolf Among Us has a lot of battles and fights unlike most of Telltale’s other games. The combat is not very hard, but the game’s storyline immerses the player in the combat very effectively. For example, the final boss fight against the main antagonist of the game, the crooked man, is not nearly as difficult as a Dark Soul’s boss. However, defeating the crooked man is much more satisfying than killing a robot or defeating Darth Vader. The Wolf Among Us’s story is so fabulous that it makes the combat so much more meaningful. Overall, the Wolf Among Us has a large fanbase that many consider a cult following or an extremely obsessed fan base. The Wolf Among Us is easily the most well-rounded video game that I have ever played.



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