Why We Should Drive Electric Cars Essay Example

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  • Published: 27 June 2021
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You may not know it but you just might be destroying our planet. How? By driving a gas car! You need to drive an electric car because gas cars destroy the environment. Besides that, electric cars are also techy and rapidly improving, so you really need to get an EV aka (Electric Vehicle).

Gas Cars Destroy The World

We must drive electric cars for many reasons. One reason that stands out is that gas cars destroy the world, and you! When you drive your gas car, you are letting out carbon dioxide. You may think, well what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong is the fact that releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) causes climate change. Moreover, the CO2 that is released will also kill living things on earth. In addition to that, if you breathe too much CO2 it may give you health issues. This chart to the right shows that transportation (which is almost entirely gas cars) causes 28% of global warming in the U.S. . That is almost ⅓! If you drive an electric car you can stop almost ⅓ of global warming in the U.S.! If almost everybody gets an electric car we can subtract global warming by almost 28%. As if now, the climate is only getting marmer.

Fun to Drive and Efficient

Yet another reason to get an electric car is the fact that electric cars are fun to drive. If you don’t believe me, try it out! You will see that the car is lighter, smoother, and electric cars can drive at fast speeds as well. Electric cars can also gain energy by slowly breaking. This, saving you money.

 You may say I like driving fancy cars and electric cars are not fancy, well, that is not the case because Audi will release a fancy electric car called the E-tron. Further evidence to support the fact electric cars are fun to drive is that they have extremely fast exceleration, the Tesla Model S is one of the if not the fastest car on acceleration!

Evidence to justify electric cars are efficient is that fact that the effects are harmless to earth and it also doesn’t hurt us or any living organism. Finally, electricity is cheaper than Gas.

More Tech and Is Rapidly Improving

Do you want a car that is quiet, not to expensive (Dropping Price), energy efficient, and high performance? Well then get an electric Car! To prove that electric cars are energy efficient I have a quote, “Electric Cars are energy efficient.” This is stated by EnergySage. In addition to that fact that electric cars are energy efficient and save the planet but, EnergySage also states that “Electric cars are high performance and low Maintenance.”. This is due to the fact that they have fewer moving parts making them lighter and faster. In addition to that, electric cars also our considered techy because of the fact that they are just beginning to be able to travel long distances on electricity, so they will travel as long as gas cars. Even sooner they will be able to travel a whopping 400 Miles (From Sacramento, to Los Angeles), the tech will just keep growing.


In conclusion, you must get an electric car. I mean, with all the benefits how could you not? Soon enough there will be no excuse not to drive an electric car because they will fit all your needs, and even if you don’t think it’s “Cool” to drive an electric car, it doesn’t change the fact that it is not cool to hurt the environment. In the end, it’s up to be to make that choice, it’s up to you whether you want to do the correct choice (getting an electric car) or make the non humane choice. Thank you for considering my opinion.





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