Why We Need Business Communication Essay Example

Why We Need Business Communication Essay Example
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📌Published: 20 June 2021

"Self-reflection is a humbling process. It's essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things… then better yourself," (Sonya Teclai). Over the course of the semester, there have been many subjects mentioned on how to improve myself in both career organization and mannerism. I have been able to take away from topics such as professional writing and communication, career planning, and business etiquette and apply all of them to all aspects of my life. By implementing these improvements in addition to the previous career experiences I have in my life, I have been able to strengthen my past, present, and future professionally.

Before I dive into what I have learned and been able to improve from this semester, I must first talk about what I started with and how little I knew. Before I started the class, I had very little knowledge of how to plan a career, properly send business messages, or business operation. I never had a class in high school that taught me how to obtain any of those skills. As a matter of fact, the first business message I ever wrote was a two-week notice telling my employer that I was graduating high school, and with me continuing my education, I would be forced to leave the area which included my resignation from my current position. 

I did, however, pick up a few novice business skills over the years from the jobs that I had while in school, but most of them were very laid back and lacked some of the formalism I have been taught this year. For example, it was not until my second job that I even had to create a resume that I made from a premade format I found on the internet. Sadly though, this job did not teach me any necessities I needed in communicating in a proper manner with other employees or employers.

To prove my point, all of our communication was done via text messaging and was usually more informal topics such as family and weekend plans. One thing from my past I am proud of, that we learned about this semester in class, is that I already had been implementing in my life, was Angela Duckworth's idea of grit. Grit has always been a part of my life since I was young. I have been playing sports my whole life and one of the key components of any sport is an athlete's grit. I have used that concept both in sports and in school, and now I have started to incorporate it into my work ethic. Out of few talents of business that I had going into the class, I have to say grit is the one I have the best knowledge of and expertise with.

Although I knew some of the core components of business communication, it was not everything that I needed to know for my future occupation. Over the past four months, I acquired, what I would think to be, everything that I would need to know become not only successful in future careers but also a more effective student. I have been given the tools needed to strengthen my professional identity through strong expert writing technics, personal idealism, and career planning. Through this organization communication course, I have applied the knowledge of business writing to improve personal documents such as my resume to make myself seem more qualified and desirable to future potential employers.

Along with my resume, I now know how to properly build an effective cover letter that tells why I am qualified and shows my desire to receive the job. Something else that I learned about in this course is Thank You letters. I knew before the class that is standard to send a letter to someone if they sent me a gift or helped me in some way, but I did not know that it is proper etiquette to send one after an interview or business meeting. Now knowing how to create and utilize these writing skills aids in molding me into a more formal writer. One of the biggest topics I have learned to exploit is my self-idealism. It was introduced to me this semester through the TED talk by Simon Sinek. He said that in order to appeal to consumers or get someone's support the first thing to do is know "why" you do what you. This took me quite some time and thorough thinking to come up with my "why."

After long consideration, I concluded that why I do what I do is that I want to restore happiness and healthy activity to people that have been injured and deprived of joy physically. I appreciate this portion of the class for the fact that I think it is a great idea to know why I am going to school to become a physical therapist and not tell people "just because." The most useful area we covered that I was able to apply to my life right now was the art of career planning. By planning out my future I was able to set short- and long-term goals I could strive for that would help me accomplish not only becoming a therapist but also educational and professional goals as well. I learned that it is important to always plan two jobs ahead and that if an obstacle comes about changes can be made without dramatically changing the path that I had strategized.

Now that I have attained the skills needed to become a successful professional, I can use these talents to provide for my future. By means of applying the art of business communication, I can have a strong and qualified future career. With the familiarity of usage in writing resumes, cover letters and thank you letters along with business mannerism and career planning, I feel I now have the capable tools to have a solid career in the future. As long as I continue to set goals for myself and constantly plan for future occupations, I have faith that I will succeed in my future endeavors.

In conclusion, this Organizational Communication section has taught me the essentials of business communication that I had no idea about before this class. I am greatly appreciative of all that I have educated in such as professional writing and communication, career planning, and business etiquette. By applying them to my life I will now be able to create for myself a more successful and strong foundation for my past, present, and future professional career.


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