Why Should We Use Electric Cars Essay Example

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  • Published: 24 April 2021
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Cars are very influential in human life; that’s why choosing the right car is important; not only for yourself but also for the environment. As Elon Musk believes, “we will not stop until every car on the road is electric(Elon musk)”. Multiple current inventors  trust in the future of electric cars and what they bring to the world.   It’s proven that electric cars can save a lot more money than you realize and can produce better air for humans to breath, but can also cause battery problems no one wanted.

Everyone should be driving electric cars instead of gas powered cars.  With the worry of running out of gas in the middle of the day, electric cars may charge overnight at your house which leads to fewer trips to gas stations. Gas prices may raise up pretty high at times while electricity doesn’t cost much to charge electric cars. “With no gas to buy, or oil to change. To refuel, you simply plug in at home, at work or opportunity charge on the road. (fleetcarma)”. Without paying for gas someone can save up to $632 a year. Since, electric cars have no need for engine oil, coolant, transmission fluids or belts these costs disappear and easier care arises.Without all these oils floating in the atmosphere, electric cars may produce better air than gas-powered cars. “With the current EU energy mix and over the entire vehicle cycle, there are about 17-30% lower than the emissions of petrol and diesel cars(energysage)”.Following on this statistic  electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions so it’ll helpHELP__PLEASE WRITE STUFF HERE NOT STATEMENTS I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO FINISH PARAGRAPH---MIND IS CONFUSED

Electrical cars  use only a battery that gets recharged over and over.” As it stands today, the electric car industry is expected to boom by the year 2025. And according to a report from Auto Evolution, 20 years after that, we will have a battery recycling issue from these cars(hotcars)”. After all you can’t expect a car to keep running on the same battery for too long. Currently it’s not an issue but in the future  it’s likely that we will have used batteries just dumped anywhere because nobody would be willing to recycle them. Batteries used in cars are made up of lithium. The problem is that lithium happens to be a limited natural source. Because of the increase for electric cars it drives up the price for these natural sources. Meantime, there are many other natural sources used in batteries. These include  praseodymium, lanthanum, dysprosium, and neodymium. “All of these are also particularly hard to source. Because of this, their price might go up and further increase the starting price of an assembled electric car.” The problem with increasing prices is that the overall cost of the car will develop so much that buyers will not want to buy electric cars and continue to ruin the air with gas powered cars.

Electric cars can save a lot more money than you realize and can produce improved air for humans to breath, but can also cause battery problems no one wants.



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