Why Should We Legalize Death Penalty Essay Example

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  • Published: 13 August 2020
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Laws help unite this world we live in today. While we see many laws broken and crimes surrounding us today, many people still seek the acceptance that if a law is broke, someone shall do something for us to get the satisfaction that we are safe. Many believe should be more involved with the life of crime, capital offense. To start, capital offense, named as the death penalty is what allows people to be punished by death for crimes such as rape, treason, and murder. 

The death penalty is not new and has not been for hundreds of years. One big reason for the death penalty would be it helps much with money issues. As of right now, the people of the world are paying for people in jail to eat, for housing, and for everything else they have, and how is that fair? While it may be in taxes, we are still paying for people to live while they impact our lives with crime and pain. While many people overlook capital offense and do not see a need for it but for people who have had any kind of crime worthy of death in their life, then this event is it. Take back what is right and ensure the death penalty is not just in some states, but in all.

Some crimes that are punishable by capital offense are arson, rape, murder, and counterfeiting. Many crimes lead to death, emotional pain, or a type of physical pain. Just think, people daily are getting away with rape and murder. The proof is that there have been about 1,495 executions between the years 1976 and 2018  (“Executions by Year”). That is about 2-3 executions every month. While this may not seem like a lot, it is still enough to be noticed by people. Yet the sad fact is, many people are getting falsely accused for crimes, but why isn’t the capital offense for more crimes, or even less?

Or maybe we should be asking why isn’t it in all states? The death penalty laws have been around since the 18th century B.C. but the very first death penalty to come was in 1608 where Captain George Kendall was executed in the new colonies. It was said at first that not many people saw an issue with capital offense but later many began to point out it was “unconstitutional” towards the Eighth Amendment. Another key fact to remember is that it is the assailents’ fault for committing the crime and impacting the surrounding people. While not all crimes are worthy of the death penalty, many can agree there are a few worthy. For example, murder.

The key point about the death penalty is that many people believe that it should not be around because “two wrongs don’t make a right” but to be fair, you cannot only let someone get away with murder and expect them to not do it again. While many say prison is simply terrible, and many would not like to go back, just because you locked them up for many months does not mean they are not going to commit a crime again. Many people probably find joy in making others angry and enjoy the pain and consequences. 

One downside to having people stay in jail for crimes committed is that the people of the world and cities have to pay for the prisoner’s food and water. Like noted in the entering paragraph, this event may simply be in taxes, but our taxes keep rising and having to add in the jail money just makes it worse. It is said that 5% of our tax money goes towards prisons and other stuff within the prison system. That is about $56 billion dollars worth of money to feed, wash, health, and house back criminals that infused our lives with a crime (“Policy Basics: Where Do Our State Tax Dollars Go?”).

The point about the death penalty is that even if you do catch that one killer and put them to death, there is going to be another person in the world who will still cause crime (Bruenig 17). There really is not a way to get rid of crime completely because there is always going to be that person who will still commit crimes. The sad fact is that there is nothing we as the world can do to stop these criminals completely. 

Whole this may be true, I truly believe that they are correct, we cannot get rid of all crime in this world. Even though this is true, we could still help decrease the percentage of crime in the world. While death rates have not been going down with the death penalty, if we increased the amount of states with death penalty, it could bring down the death rates even the slightest. Even the smallest amount of change would still be better than doing nothing or letting the crime rates stay the same. 

The death penalty should be legalized in all 50 states because the rates of crime are quite high, citizen taxes go towards murders, rapists, etc., and criminals are getting away with too many crimes. Lawmakers, after hearing me out with this topic, me and multiple other people, want you to stop these crimes and get justice! We want you to legalize the death penalty in all 50 states to start.



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