Why Should We Eat Healthy Food Essay Example

Why Should We Eat Healthy Food Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 July 2020

 My lovely nanny tried giving me healthy foods. Let me just say, it didn’t turn out how she wanted to. She attempted to feed me Greek yogurt with cottage cheese, however, for me it was a slushy white substance that made a weird slurping noise when smacked by a spoon.

At the time, I was about seven and still lived in Azerbaijan (small country). I was the pickiest person in the family and still am. Therefore, I disliked any healthy food I was served.

Soon, the white matter in a bowl started appearing on the kitchen table after breakfast. Trust me, it did not look appealing in any way. 

“Here you go, Dilara, now try it,”  my nanny told me.  I stared at the bowl and then at my nanny saying, 

“I would rather starve!” My nanny shoved the bowl at me. At that point, I realized it was Greek yogurt with cottage cheese which made me even more disgusted. Doesn't sound appetizing right? She scooped a full spoon of it and attempted to stuff it in my mouth, which of course I refused to eat. 

“You are either going to eat it or sit here all day!” my nanny told me in a strict and loud voice. 

“Never in a million years, you will expect me to even try it!”  I shouted back, wanting to erupt like a volcano. Let me remind you that I was a self-assured child that always stood by her own statements.  My nanny calmly stood up from the table, and went back to ironing our clothes as nothing happened. Of course you would think, why wouldn't I just leave, but she was in the hallway, making sure I don’t sneak out of the kitchen.

After a while, I got bored of sitting. So, I took off wandering around the room. Suddenly, an idea popped into my mind. My sneaky self created a great plan to take the Greek yogurt with cottage cheese, and shove it into a napkin so I could throw it away in the trash can unnoticeably. I had to make it look realistic so she would fall for it. For this reason, I took a bit from what was left in the bowl and smeared it all over my mouth. 

“I am done!”  I shouted with a smirk on my face. My nanny went rushing into the room and gave me a warm smile, while, stroking my hair and telling me what a clever girl I was. As I stood up, I walked outside the door with relief and a grin on my face.

The very next day, she gave me the exact same snack, and I performed my same exact plan which worked out perfectly. Soon, my plan became a daily routine; one day the chain was broken.

It was Friday, when usually the cleaner is at our house. I was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for my healthy snack which wasn’t a big deal anymore. As my nanny placed it in front of me, I saw the house cleaner taking out the trash. Not only she took the bag out, but also the whole trash can to wash i. My face went numb since there was no way I could throw away my food. 

For your information, I was terrified and worried. I sat there silently begging for the trash can to be back in the kitchen. About thirty minutes passed, but nothing changed. I realized that no one could help me. Therefore I started to think, what if instead of throwing away the food, I will try to hide it. To me, this sounded genius. I attempted to hide the white mixture in the cabinets, drawers, plants, and even in containers, however, nothing seemed to work out. I was about to give up; suddenly I thought of the perfect spot. Since we had little pockets under our table, I could hide the Greek yogurt with cottage cheese inside them. Little by little I rolled the food into napkins and placed it underneath the table in the little pockets. I felt great ease that made my day much better. Thankfully no one suspected anything.

As you can see, I was a pretty clever kid for my age, at least I thought I was. Only after a couple of months when my dad was taking apart the table, he noticed clumps of dried material (Greek yogurt with cottage cheese). He asked us what was the secret behind all this, and I revealed the whole story. I thought he was going to get mad, but he just laughed. 

From this experience I learned that if your initial plan doesn’t work, arrange another one.Till this day all of us laugh at this unforgettable memory from time to time.


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