Why People Are So Obsessed with Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is involved with the enhancement of the appearance of a person through cosmetic surgery. As plastic surgery becomes more common and affordable rates of plastic surgery addiction is bound to increase as well. A thousand Americans go under the knife to make them look good. The authors claim that there are two types of plastic surgery Disease, correcting plastic surgery as a Local surgery and Plastic surgery for reconstructing complete facial structure as a Global surgery (Singh et al.) There are several reason people especially teens willing to do surgery such as Disease correcting,  ubiquitous advertisements, low self-esteem, lowering the cost of procedures, Celebrity promoters. Some people undergo surgery for good reasons, and some do it for their desires. Some babies born with a physical birth defect like cleft lip, craniofacial anomalies, or hand deformities.

Their parents do not want their children to suffer when their babies grow up. Therefore, Parents ask for surgery to live a better life. Parent afraid that they might be bullied at school for the way they look. In the article, Vascular Malformations, the author states, “A wide variety of combinations and syndromes commonly associated with vascular malformations are treated through the Divisions of Plastic Surgery and Interventional Radiology, with additional collaboration from Orthopaedic Surgery, Hematology, and Otolaryngology” (1). Sometimes, those physical birth defects can harm their regular life like Blood vessel malformations. Patients with Blood vessel malformations suffer from Vision loss, Difficulty speaking.

So, the doctor treated this patient with a special type of plastic surgery to make the live little easy. Also, The victim of acid attacks suffers from deep and severe scarring. Acid melts the skin, and it also causes the destruction of the nose, severe contractors of eyelids and lips. When the burn-bare skin; contacts with sunlight make the patient life horrible. Author of Plastic Surgery provides Hope for Acid Attack Survivors, Emma Stone mentioned, “He elaborates further, Options for plastic surgery techniques can include both surgical (such as skin or other types of grafts, the use of biocompatible dressings that promotes skin healing, excision of scar tissues with local tissue grafts to allow mobility of the tissue) and non-surgical techniques such as lasers to help cover scars and improve coloration of the skin.

The key is to properly assess the degree, depth, and full extent of tissue damage and be able to plan for restoration of both form and function to the best of our abilities". Plastic surgery can be the best option for acid victim patients. This plastic surgery can heal their skin and cover the scare. This gives the patient an option to go in the sun and communicate with society without concerning about their looks. Some people have gone so far with plastic surgery that they change their entire body to look like someone else or look perfect. Brazilian man Rodrigo Alves went through 42 cosmetic operations to look like Ken doll. According to daily news,  OLIVIA  ELGART states Rodrigo had spent a $28,000 to remove four of his floating ribs. So he could narrow his waist 34 inches to 29 inches in order to look more likely Disney prince: Ken. Rodrigo spends an obsessive amount of time and money worrying about his appearance. He underwent painful surgery like nose jobs, face lifts, bum implants, muscle to become like ken. But he had gone so far that there is coming back. He had narrow his nose badly that doctor barely can see inside. The doctor warned a large amount of tissue to die after being deprived of blood supply. The doctor also said if he did not stop his nose might fall off (Fox News).

Ubiquitous advertisements and cheap procedure promote people to plastic surgery. In the article Cosmetic Surgery Advertising: The changing face of medical marketing, Lori Bahnmueller states, “Just quickly browsing a few cosmetic surgery websites, I found one that promises you can “recapture the youth you thought time had stolen away,” and another that promotes surgery as “the last resort before you hit the resort,” implying that you should have surgery to look better on your beach vacation. The “recapture youth” website also included some obviously photoshopped before-and-after photos of an older woman.” surgery ads has to cross its line. It's advising like selling vegetables where plastic surgery needs proper surgeons and excellent procedure. Those advisement taking women’s attention by showing the youth as an imperative. But they do not show the disadvantage of plastic surgery.  Those advisements should also be implemented in an effort to enhance the public's awareness of the harmful effects of plastic surgery.



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