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As a Registered nurse, I will treat patients and provide guidance to them and their families. I will educate the patient on the medical conditions that they are facing. Being a Registered Nurse is the perfect job for me because I have always liked helping people, I learn something new every day, I will have good job security, and I love the nursing environment.

When I was young I loved helping others with their problems. The amount of satisfaction a person can get from helping someone is amazing. I like to leave a person with the greatest experience I can offer. It is always important to listen to that person to give them that experience.  As a registered nurse, I will provide patient care and educate the patient about their health conditions ("Registered Nurses").

As a registered nurse I will learn something new every day from a problem I am presented with or keeping up with the latest information in the nursing field. Regina Henderson said that the best way to keep up with the latest information in the nursing field is by reading articles and case studies. As a registered nurse I will have great job security hospitals are in dire need of nurses. 

A registered nurse has great job security because the healthcare system will always have a need for nurses. Hospitals wouldn’t be able to function without nurses. Nurses enjoy a great deal of job security, even in uncertain economic times. As a registered nurse, my job will always be in demand because of the aging population. Getting to work in a place I love has made me realize that being a registered nurse is the career for me.

 In a nursing environment, there are a lot of things I will do at a certain pace. As a Registered Nurse, I will spend a lot of my time on my feet. I will also have to follow guidelines to not only keep the patients safe but me and my team as well. As a nurse, I will work in a fast-paced environment, so I have to be prepared for every challenge I face. As a Registered nurse, I will work rotating shifts, covering all twenty-four hours (“Registered Nurse Working Conditions”). Most of the time I will work with a team of co-workers. A nursing team usually consists of registered nurses, licensed practitioners, and certified nursing assistants. Working in a team will help prevent errors and will help everyone reach their goal for that day. Working in a team will build trust and at the end of a long hard day, the encouragement from the members will make it feel like a family. I will have to deal with a lot of unhappy or angry patients. That being said, I will have to listen to the patient and have empathy for the situation that they are currently going through (Henderson). Getting to work in a place I love has made me realize that being a registered nurse is the career for me.

Becoming a registered nurse is a dream of mine but it has its drawbacks. Mrs. Henderson states that working with psychiatric patients is very dangerous.  Being a nurse is a very stressful job because of stressful situations. I will have a person’s life in my hands so every move I make has to be precise. I will also have to work twelve-hour shifts because most hospitals like the idea of a patient having two nurses. They think that it builds trust with not only the patient but the family as well. I will also have to work holidays which takes me away from my family on these special occasions. I will also be exposed to infectious “diseases” which puts me and my family at risk of contracting them. Registered nurses have to move people who are not able to walk, so that makes me vulnerable to back injuries.

While there are downsides to being a registered nurse, the career is rewarding overall and it is the job I see myself in for the long-term. Registered nurses love helping others, they have great job security, and it a job that will always be in demand. These are the qualities I am looking for in a career, so being a registered nurse is for me. I have always enjoyed helping others in good or bad situations. I will have good job security which allows me to have a very stable income. I also love the idea that my job will always be in demand, so I will not have to worry about not having a place to work.

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