Why I Want to Become a Paramedic Essay Example

I would like to formally apply to the paramedic program at Hall Ambulance. Since I started my career at Hall Ambulance in April of 2018 I have overcome many obstacles, progressed everyday as an EMT, and grown as a person. As long as I can remember I have always had an interest in being a first responder, whether it was the fire department, police department, or EMS service. It wasn’t until I started this job did it solidify that being in the EMS field is what I was meant to to. This job challenges me everyday and keeps me on my toes. When you clock in first thing in the morning, you have no idea what that day will hold and that’s what I like the most about this job. You don’t know if you’re going to be called for that cardiac arrest where you can make a difference and potentially save someone’s life or that overdose where you can push narcan and reverse the effects of that drug so they can breathe again.

And even the not so serious calls, being able to be there for someone on their worst day and make them feel better. The ability to make a difference in someone’s life everyday and not knowing what’s in store for you is why I want to advance my career in becoming a paramedic. The traits I believe a paramedic should posses is a paramedic needs to be able to remain calm and react quickly in stressful situations. When you are faced with these situations the ability to remain calm and act quickly with precision can be a matter of life and death.  A paramedic needs to have good communication and interpersonal skills. Every day you are out on the streets interacting with the public and you need to have to ability to effectively communicate with your patients and their family members to be able to properly treat your patient and know what’s going on.

The best customer service I have ever given has to be a priority 7 from a local hospital to one of the local long-term rehab centers. This gentleman had come to a point in his life where he was no longer able to live on his own so after he was treated at the local hospital, he was going to be transferred to a long-term rehab center where he would spend the rest of his life. Well I didn’t know in the beginning that he was going there for the rest of his life until we left the hospital. He was getting a little down and I started to take notice so I asked him what was going on and then he told me the story.  He told me that after today he was no longer able to live on his own anymore and would spend his remaining years at this facility. At this point I was determined to make this gentleman feel better and take his mind off of his situation. I made sure he was as comfortable as possible, engaged in conversation to actually get to know him so he felt like somebody actually cared. This individual had no one left in his life, no family, no loved ones.

When we got to the facility, we offloaded him into his room and I made sure he was as comfortable as possible and set up his belongings to how he liked. As we were about to leave, he thanked us for our service that day and I could tell he was in better spirits. When it comes to customer service, it really doesn’t have to be anything huge like pushing medications or actually treating a patient. I’ve learned that most of the time they just want to know that someone cares and see that you care. Every week I dedicate time on my days off to research so I can further my knowledge in emergency care in the field and become a better EMT and provider. And with this sponsorship I am hoping to further my education and my career so I can be better equipped to help those in need.



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