Why I Want to Become NICU Nurse Practitioner Essay Example

A mother has just given birth, but there is a complication. The baby has been born too early! Who can take care of this poor infant? I have always had a strong interest in science, not in physics, but in the biology field. With Purdue University I am hoping to achieve my dream of becoming a NICU nurse practitioner.

Ever since my cousin was a NICU baby, I have wanted to become a NICU nurse practitioner. To achieve this goal of mine, I need a college education and a degree in nursing. I can’t get this on my own and I wanted to get said education and degree at your college. I want this college specifically because you have high academic standing and an excellent nursing program. I feel this isn’t a hard thing to let me achieve, you know we are a good family because my brother is currently at your school. I need this school because I need a nursing degree from a good college, so it looks better on future job resumes when I apply for the position. If I don’t get into this school I don’t know where I’ll go.

There is a simple solution to my predicament, you could let me into your school to get my degree and education. This would help me dearly and I know all your hands on nursing programs would really help me. You guys are a great school and I need a school that will challenge me and I know I can get that here with your programs. Another possible solution would be allowing me to come to your campus once a month to practice nursing with your students, just to make sure the other school is at your level. This will get me my college degree and nursing major. I know there are a bunch of other students applying here, with higher academics than me. I am different though, I’m passionate about my degree and will do anything to get it.

This wouldn’t just benefit me, it would also benefit the school. I would get to go to a top school for nursing and you would get a great student who is passionate for nursing. I would get my degree and have a great path for my future. I would become successful and the school will continue to get recognition for producing excellent adults. You would also get a passionate student who will always try their best and influence others. I will make students want to do good and overall making your school's ratings go up. I know this would highly help us both.

Overall I believe you should consider me for your college. In the future, I see myself with a diploma from Purdue and I would be working hard in the NICU section of the hospital. I am helping care for young children and making sure they survive. So, please think about what I have said and consider me for this amazing opportunity.