Why I Chose Computer Science Essay Example

Why I Chose Computer Science Essay Example
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📌Published: 25 August 2020

My interest in computer science really started out as a hobby, although I did not receive a computer early on in my life, I always took the time homing in on my skills throughout my years in primary school up to high school. With the help of my teacher’s advisors and family, I was able to learn and excel while becoming more knowing about computer science. Even then, before I started to gravitate toward computer science I initially started off as an artist drawing and creating original sketches in my free time whenever I could. I am a big devotee of both computer science and the art world because each allows me to express myself in a way that I could be understood among other people.

My life has not always been easy as I have had my share of obstacles throughout my life struggling with anxiety and slow processing speed which just means It takes me a bit longer to take in information than most individuals and I have to work twice as hard as other people. However, I do not look at these as hindrances, but as barriers that will continue to help me to develop into a much stronger individual every day. I think this is why I chose to pursue such a tough major such as computer science because it really challenges me as a person because deep down I know that even if I fall I am going to get right back up and give it my all. I will obtain my Associates Degree from Wake Technical Community college in a couple of weeks. I have been taking extra classes at another community college prior. 

Once my transcripts are processed by Wake Technical Community College, I will obtain my Associates in Arts Degree. I have met a lot of new people along the way as well as learned a new set of skills such as managing my time better, working smarter not harder and most importantly that it is okay not to have everything perfect all time. I must fall a couple of times before I can get back up again striving much harder than I ever have before. I am truly looking forward to applying to East Carolina University in the Fall of 2019 to major in Computer Science.


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