Why Gabriel Iglesias Is a Great Comedian Essay Example

Why Gabriel Iglesias Is a Great Comedian Essay Example
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What makes a comedian special and impacting upon an audience? Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian that was born in San Diego, California on July 15, 1976. The work he has done, has been many over the years. Yet, two notable specials he created were the comedy specials Hot and Fluffy and I'm not fat, I'm Fluffy made in the years 2007 and 2009. These are stand up comedy shows performed by the comedian Gabriel Iglesias. Both specials will go over various instances of his life that are humorous and sometimes astonishing. Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian that creates an unforgettable experience in his various comedy shows due to his openness with his unpredictable family life, reflecting on significant personal experiences, and honesty with his life.

Going into the family life of a comedian it can get more humorous in certain cases than jokes on the stage. Now getting into the first piece of evidence, in his 2007 comedy special as he had gotten a call to do a show for California Police Border Division but after making a lie about his car not working, they would send over a police car to his house to pick him up which he had not informed his family about, so he decided on messing with his family as he sent Franky to open the door as an officer was there as the officer was there then taking Iglesias to the cop car "Is it ok if I yell out the window to freak out my kid? [the officer would ask if he wants to use the microphone?] Gabriel: Yeah! [He hands me the microphone and I said] Franky this is the police we have your father, we are coming back for you in one hour do your homework. " (Iglesias I'm not Fat, I'm Fluffy 38:50-40:30)

Using the uniqueness of the opportunity, this comedian displayed his family life at work messing with his family whenever he gets the chance. Going into the text written by Scott Adams a famous writer of a comic strip in his work "Funny business" he covers some important aspects when on comedy. Adams in his work says "Humor is about people. It's impossible to write humor about a concept or an object. All humor involves how people think and act. " (Scott Adams 158) This can relate back to the thesis revolving around the idea that humor is about people, the way they behave, which can lead for great comedy when an opportunity arrives to mess with them such as when Iglesias faked an arrest to freak his stepson out. Iglesias uses the unique circumstances that come with his career, allowing him to mess with his family, showing some the dynamics that happens in his family life; you cannot always be ready for what is to come.

Iglesias the comedian had many moments within his life that left a lasting experience for him. In his comedy special he had gone over the fact of someone calling him Hawaiian which confused him on the premise he believed it was the Hawaiian shirts he was wearing. "I didn't know why the guy thought I was Hawaiian until I went to Hawaii I found out that Hawaiian people look like swollen Mexicans. "(Iglesias Hot & Fluffy 22:41-22:52) This relates back to the thesis when one experiences as it was bugging him making him wonder the reason for the labeled Hawaiian. Going into the following piece of evidence it comes from the piece Funny Business written by Scott Adams a famous comic maker, states something that works with the earlier experience as well with others.

Stated within the work of "Funny Business" "Exaggerate wisely. If you anchor your story in the familiar, your readers will follow you on a humorous exaggeration, especially if you build up to it". (Adams 158) This relates, in the way that it goes back, the lasting experiences on the comedian, in this text, it shows you have to control how you control how something is viewed, doing an exaggeration after some build, as for the Hawaiians looking like swollen Mexicans. Moments come and go in the life of a comedian yet some remain everlasting in the mind.

Finally, to cover the end it is time, to know about the honesty that comes with Iglesias as a comedian. He would mention his mother in the crowd at his comedy special, then addressed a personal part of his life which he shared with the audience. Iglesias would state "You give your Mom a shout out, what about your Dad. He is not in the picture. My father was, putting some beans out he was a mariachi, ... I knew him until I was like four then they got the band back together, and he took off. " (Iglesias Hot and Fluffy 42:50-43:23) Looking back at the thesis it holds up, this is a personal part of the comedian's life which he had the right to keep private, but he was open to his fans as for the reason, he never mentions his father when he performs, instead only mentioning his mother. From an impactful bit of honesty to another, this a part of his show when people have come up to him telling him he lives too excess in his life, asking does he not want to live long to which he gives his response. "

Why do people measure life by the years instead of how good those years were, what good is it to live to a hundred if you didn't do anything. " (Iglesias Hot & Fluffy 27:49-27:54) This is a bold statement which relates back to the thesis he is not afraid to speak from the heart when on this question, displaying his outlook at life to live a short life doing whatever you want to do, instead of living a long life not doing much without taking any risks. Iglesias remained honest throughout the shows speaking from the heart.

Iglesias creates an experience that's unforgettable due to his crazy family life, sharing his impacting life experiences and his sheer honesty. First, it is to discuss him faking an arrest to mess with family. In the second body paragraph, it was going over his life experiences as he went to Hawaii to see how they looked realizing how they looked like Mexicans. Moving to the third, displayed his honesty, explaining his absent father, and his mindset of living a short yet eventful life after living a long uneventful life. Iglesias will give audiences an experience they will not forget, a person willing to share his life with his audience, for every fault he has done, to every achievement, family life, friends, performances, altercations to events that changed his life for the better or for the worse, he is a person who adores his audience interacting with them, the same person who is on stage as he is offstage. The last note is Iglesias has grown up with so little, now has entertained millions all over the world.


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