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What would we do today without health care! To me health plays a very important role in my life and as well in others. To live a healthy life style we need to take care the body by giving it medical assistance and unless your not a doctor your not going to know how to cure the illness. This is where healthcare comes to help us, with doctors using their many years of training to find out out your illness and also cure it. Health Care has been developing throughout the years and has expanded our life span many years longer than before health care was available. To me this is very important because I can also be able to meet my grandparents and talk with them and I am grateful to have them today in the present day, my great grandma is 102 this shows how medicine has been able to progress and be able to be given to the public to have longer life.

Before healthcare there still was medicine and doctors people were still being cured but it wasn't as easy as today. before the health care system, being treated by a doctor and getting medicine was very expensive and most people were poor in that time but in the 20th century most countries were introduced to health care witch made health care cheap and more accessible this was possible because the government would pay for all of the medical expenses and you would pay back in taxes. This system has been very helpful to the lo income families this way there could be more healthy families. Me personally have seen this system work for me when I was little it help my families give me my vaccines for the flu and many other diseases that have protected throughout these years. one experience i've had is when my family went on a trip and fractured my humerus and had to go to the hospital and get healed and with my health care it could have been 2,500 U.S dollars without my health care. one big thing that helps everyone is the women that are pregnant they get alot of medical assistance in making sure that their baby is born healthy and even after giving birth the baby is monitored to confirm that the newborn has not been affected by any disease such as down syndrome.

Places such as clinics and hospitals are the two main facilities that you go to get medical assistance and aid but long before the health care plan had arrived there weren't as many of these facilities to go to. Now days we see that in most countries there are a large quantities of hospitals and clinics. In my case there are about three hospitals and many clinics near me and this shows how medical aid is all over. as we can that the growth of the medical areas. There are also different types of clinics such as eye,dentist,foot,maternity,orthopedic and many more.

As we can see there progress of the medical assistance but also the quality of the procedures and the medicine. Though the progression of surgery procedures have gotten a lot more serious and cleaner because in the mid-19th century doctors did not clean their hands thoroughly and often 5 in 1000 women died because of the infectious germs during the operation. medicine has also changed and is more affective than before. Medicine changed the world, for example when the smallpox made a big impact in some states it was reduced fairly quickly because of the medical advances. Now day we take vaccines at a very young age so that we can have the immunity to repel such diseases like smallpox and the flu virus. 

In many countries there are two stages of health care the first one is called Primary care and the second Secondary care. Secondary care is mainly for everyone and the public that need a help from acute pain or even urgent care for example the Hospital takes care of a wide variety of illnesses. Primary health care focuses more on one specific pain such as going to a foot clinic to get your ankle examined or for the debilitated wich need special care from and this would be more private and less open to everyone because most doctors can only do so much. This system is very effective because this way doctors can concentrate on helping less patients. Primary health care is very important also, which the specialist at specific type of clinics can also concentrate on that his one sole purpose. As an example, a dentist will just work with patients that need medical assistance regarding their teeth and not on a patient needing help with his or hers diabedic needs.

There are many countries that don't have health care today. For example Africa has such a hard time getting medical aid to its citizens, almost half of the population have no health care. and it shows how africa is suffering from this uncountable deaths occur due to the illness or other disease left untreated. Countries like africa are in great help of health care because the disease count is getting larger such as ebola wich is obtained by the bite of a mosquito and if there were more medical aid available this certainly would have been alot less of a problem. Places like mexico are also behind the advancements of medical techniques and tools, I am confident that mexico would be much cleaner than it is today if it spent most of is money on making the quality of health care better and more accessible.

Today were i live i the United states I get benefited a lot from their medical aid and so do many others, other it being getting vaccinations or a life or death surgery. I have witnessed this myself with my mother needing surgery on her organs that needed immediate attention and if we didn't have the health care would still be owing thousands of dollars. Thankfully this has not happened to me and to me Health Care is one of the most interesting and helpful not just to me but to many more people.



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