Who Should Decide it? Legalizing Marijuana Persuasive Essay Example

Even though marijuana is viewed as harmful to a person’s health, it may not be as harmful as they perceive it to be. It brings many benefits that can outweigh the disadvantages of legalizing it. Solving these cannabis issues should be a priority of the people. In 2005, Raich was arrested and put into court after being accused of infringing federal law for growing cannabis in his backyard. Under California’s laws, it was legal if it was for medical utilization but under the CSA, Controlled Substances Act, it was considered illegal. Ruling under the commerce clause, which allowed the congress to control the commerce of products between certain states and foreign nations, the supreme court stated that federal law overpowered state law. Instead of prohibiting it nationwide, we should let each state choose whether or not to legalize it.

Allowing states to determine whether marijuana should be illegal can save lives. Sometimes marijuana is recommended over other prescriptions. It can be used as a safe sleeping aid, show that patients who ingest the plant are more restful when sleeping. Another health benefit to consuming marijuana is that it helps alleviate nausea, helping cancer patients who develop it as a result from taking chemotherapy. These are just some of the known benefits to us but if we continue to study marijuana and its uses, it can lead to breakthroughs in medicine. With these benefits, patients will feel at ease and marijuana could possibly be cheaper than other known medicines.

While dropping medical bill, it can also help boost the economy and weaken black markets. When people put restrictions on drugs like marijuana, they are more likely to be found in illegal places were people are willing to pay double its value. This is diverting money into dangerous places while this money could be taxes that help people. If the government legalizes marijuana, it would allow for taxation on the product and less illegal marketing, raising money to improve the nation and weaken illicit activities. This will also boost the amount of jobs available. Creating more jobs will result in less poverty. Proving that it is more beneficial than not, marijuana is useful to the society.

Even if we continue to make marijuana illegal, we will not always be able to constantly enforce it. A lot of people use it but never get caught. This shows that people aren’t even trying to restrict the use of marijuana. This also intrudes on an individual’s freedom, if patients need medication they should get to choose the one that is more suitable for them and in some cases that is medication with marijuana. Enforcement is cruel and takes away family members. To the people who do get caught, it isn’t just that some people get away with it.



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