Who Should Be Responsible for Climate Change Essay Example

Global Climate Change is a major issue in our world right now. We, as people living on earth, all have an affect on Global Climate Change, or do we?  Not every person is causing our global climate to change, so why should everyone be responsible for doing something about it? After doing research, I’ve learned the top three main causes for Global Climate Change are, population increase, mining activities and burning fossil fuels.

In this essay I will speak about the main cause, population increase, as this is the most effective cause. With the population growing day by day, there are so many biodegradable materials that we use in our everyday lives. For instance, when a family goes on a typical grocery shopping trip they use roughly about fifteen to twenty bags per trip. So if a family goes to the grocery store about three times a month that would be anywhere from fourth five to sixty bags per month! That is only for a family, in one month! Plastic bags take one thousand years to decompose! An abundance of plastic bags end up in the ocean and are injurious to sea creatures. They are often mistaken to be jelly fish. You may be thinking, “How can just plastic bags change our Global Climate?”, but that is just one of the many reasons. 

Little underestimations like that could easily be changed, but companies don’t change that because plastic is cheaper to buy than something easily decomposable. Having that said, the companies that do not invest in buying biodegradable materials should be the ones trying to change our problem.


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