Where the Red Fern Grows Essay Example

Where the Red Fern Grows Essay Example
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📌Published: 25 August 2020

Where the Red Fern Grows is about a boy named Billy and his two hound dogs, Old Dan and Little Ann. Ever since Billy was a little boy he had wanted two hound dogs. “Well, we can get you a  dog, honey!” the mother had said. “But I don’t want A DOG, I want two dogs!” He  said back. “Well, we can get you two dogs, Son.” his father had said. “But I don’t want just any two  dogs, I want two HOUND dogs!” But they did not have enough money for the two hound dogs he wanted.

So, therefore, he wanted these dogs even more. But eventually he gave up on trying to get these dogs. Until he found an ad in a magazine saying,” Hound Dogs!! $25 each!!!” So he started working. He started selling things, doing chores, anything he could to make even a little bit of money. Because all that money added up. Until finally, he had enough to buy his two hound dogs. And so he bought them. He named them Old Dan and Little Ann. He wanted the dogs to be raccoon hunting dogs. And so  he trained Old Dan and Little Ann. They became the best coon hunting dogs in the town. One day Billy’s grandfather told him that there was going to be a coon hunting competition somewhere out of town, and he wanted to enter Billy and Old Dan and Little Ann. Billy thought about it, and he decided to enter the competition! 

So Billy goes to the competition with his grandfather, his dad, and Old Dan and Little Ann. And on the first day, surprisingly, they had a beauty competition! He decides that he is going to enter Little Ann in it. And after many fancy walks and peaceful challenges, Little Ann won! Then they were told that that little challenge just started off the coon hunting competition and that the hunting would go on four nights.

A different group would go hunting each night and there would be three top finalists the fifth night to determine who wins the competition. So on the third night, Billy and his family, including the dogs, went out to find coons. And they made it to the top three! And so the next night the family goes out to hunt. And they get two coons! But in order to win they must get 3 or 4 coons. And the dogs pick up a scent! So they head off! And the family gets one! But soon later, a huge blizzard comes in, and they lose the dogs. They go out to find the dogs, but then the grandfather falls without them noticing. But then Billy notices that his grandfather is not there and they go back to find him. But they already have a bunch of other problems on their hands, how will they solve them all?

Finally they find the grandfather and decide they need to stop for the night. So after hours of waiting,  people find them! And the blizzard starts clearing up. They tell the people that they have lost their dogs and they immediately started looking for them. Even though the grandfather is hurt, they find the dogs walking around a tree so their body’s don’t freeze to death. So they safely make it back to the camping grounds, and everyone is fixed up. And later, the judge gathers everyone around, to announce the winner of the competition. And Billy won! He received a golden cup and a box full of cash. Later, they are in a buggy driving home. And when they get there, Billy is greeted by happy faces and a delicious dinner.

In my opinion, I think that this book is a wonderful book. Yes, there are some parts in the book that I did not mention, and that is because I did not want to spoil the book to you.(Whoever you are) I especially liked the book because I at the time we read it was wanting a another dog myself, though I still don’t have one yet. But I still think it was a lovable book. Though if you are a sensitive cryer, then please brace yourself, for this book is very sad. But even though this book is sad though, I would read it three more times if I had to.

I think the author did a good job on describing things, and making you feel like you were really there. Sometimes, I felt if I really was Billy, fighting my way through a snowstorm. I want to tell you my favorite part, but I don’t think I have one because the book was so good. And sadly, I will not tell you why it is even called Where the Red Fern Grows. Because it is an amazing book, and you will just have to find out for yourself.




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