What Is Painting Essay Example

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  • Published: 05 July 2020
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​I believe great art is about perspectives. By admiring a painting, your point of view can always be different from the artist’s point of view. Perspective is your unique interpretation of an artwork like painting, drawing and more. The artist painted this illustration based on his way of seeing things and his way of thinking. The audience will be focusing on every details they think made the painting look bad or things that are missing and could make everything look better from their perspective which is different from the artist’s.

Looking at the illustration above, I think the artist perspective which I might disagree with is showing me four peoples working on a farm at daylight with their hats on. The workers are either harvesting or maintaining the area in good condition. It shows that they are organizing very well and the artist expose a beautiful and peaceful nature. Perspectives should bring comparisons and some types of disagreement between the audience and the artist. It makes the artist’s work arguable. In my point of view of this illustration, I see some changes that the artist could have done to make the painting more realistic and less arguable like some color changes to facilitate the understanding of the nature in the illustration. 

The field on the other side of the river should have been colored the same as where the farmers are working on or it could have been colored green. In my opinion, the flowers next to the workers would fit better on the other side of the river. the painter should have shown that there is actually people living near. Some small houses would have shown sign of people and that those workers have somewhere to go after they finish their tasks.

All these ideas from my perspective bring my own understanding of the illustration, the artist created this to express a different situation which I disagreed with but this is the main purpose of art, is for the audience to come up with their own interpretation of everything. The purpose of the author is to get everyone to understand the meaning of his artwork which would make the painting arguable. Everyone opinion’s matter. In my opinion, an artwork won’t have any great value without the audience’s perspective. For me everyone’s point of view gives great art their true value.



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