What Makes Us Adults Essay Example

“I was young and dumb” is a saying constantly told by young adults. The reason why is because they do not consider the effects it will have in their future. As these adults age, maturity level increase meaning it is unlikely for them to perform those childish actions again. Though this true, those improper acts could come and bite them in the back later on in life. With that said, adults are also at risk of negatively hurting their career by performing making bad decisions. Therefore, no matter the age, a person’s troubled past will have repercussions in their future.

Immature actions performed as an adolescent will negatively affect an adult. Josh Hader, a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, is a recent example resulting in a negative consequence. When he was 17-years-old, he had tweeted racial and homophobic comments on a certain day. This was an obvious action performed not receiving much thought when he posted those comments. Little did he know those tweets would cause problems as a 24-year-old. During his pitching appearance in the 2018 All-Star Game, which was not impressive, people that were not fans of Hader found and resurfaced these inappropriate tweets. The baseball world saw this, along with Major League Baseball, causing a severe backlash. He claimed to reporters that he was young and he made a bad choice and that he does not feel that way and has not for a while.

Even after his comments of regret, he was still required to go through sensibility training directed by the league. This could now possibly affect if teams are willing to have him join their team when he is traded, along with fan interaction. Lori Loughlin, a famous actress is another example of her past will affect her future. Within the last month, she was caught in the major college admission scandal. Loughlin was well into her acting career with being part of many movies, along with modeling, and now she faces major consequences for her action.

As of right now, her Hallmark movies have been discontinued from showing, with more penalties appending. Her career is now in jeopardy, along with her popularity significantly declining, which will now hurt her acting future for the rest of her life. No matter the age or what stage of life a person may be in, their poor decision making in the past will affect their future significantly. Though many may agree with this stance, some have a different opinion.

The opposing side might say that a person’s past has little to no effect on their future. This is clearly untrue as stories heard on the news proves how someone’s improper actions have negatively affected them. The opponent might say, after someone goes the rehabilitation they have changed for the better, erasing their troubled past. Truthy this is incorrect as even though they may have changed their negative lifestyle, their past is still stained for employers, teachers, directors, along with others associated with the person.

In different sports at Hortonville High School, players have been caught vaping, drinking, and performing other improper actions. Due to this, these players have been suspended from playing a sport along with a citation being placed on their permanent record. Now, as college recruiters look for players and employees look for workers, they might not be a top pick, clearly affecting their futures. Acting in an irresponsible way during a person past, future repercussion will occur. 

When considering the effects, a problematic past of a person, their futures can hold issues in multiple aspects of life. Josh Hader and his tweets, Lori Loughlin and the college admission scandal, and students at Hortonville High School with vaping and drinking, are evident situations in how the past has and will affect the futures of these people. Remember, when deciding to act in a certain way, consider the effects it has on the future of a person.



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