What Makes Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas Great Leaders Essay Example

Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas were effective leaders. The passages “Waiting for Mr. Lincoln” and Life and Times of Frederick Douglass showed how these men were trying their best to be great and effective leaders. 

In “Waiting for Mr. Lincoln” it states that he was determined to wait. This shows that Frederick Douglass was determined to help his people and would go to great lengths to save his people from the cruel treatment they have received. He was willing to wait for his chance to help. In Life and Times of Frederick Douglass Abraham Lincoln states “Retaliation was a terrible remedy,”. By saying this it shows that he was thinking about others and he was not just thinking of one side.

He was thinking about the cause and effect of his actions. In Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass states “Though I was not entirely satisfied with his views, I was so well satisfied with the man”. This shows that he is an effective leader because even though he does not completely agree with President Lincoln he was still open and appreciative and did not cause a fuss. He was open to hearing what President Lincoln had to say, and he heard his reasoning.

In “Waiting for Mr. Lincoln” it says that Frederick Douglass intended that, "By meeting with the president, he hoped "to secure just and fair treatment" for thousands of black troops and silence to all I had to say." This shows Lincoln was being a great leader. He was open to other ideas and he was open to listening to their problems and trying to find a solution to their issues. This shows he was not biased to whites, and that created a well-working environment to get things done and help everyone achieve as much as he could help.

All in all, both were great and strong leaders. They efficiently worked together to try to create an understanding of certain issues going on at the time. They both came to an understanding that as though they may not agree but can conclude that they fixed issues as effective leaders.



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