What Does It Mean To Live a Healthy Life Essay Example

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Everyone has a different definition in defining, "what does it mean to live a healthy life?" Most people relate healthy living to eating right and exercising, but that's only somewhat true. They're several other components and factors that people should take into account for, to be able to live that healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, I alternately define healthy living than just eating right and exercising.  For someone to be able to gain that life I believe that your emotional state and connections are major key factors to live a healthy life.  There are several other things that contribute to being able to live a healthy life but those were just some that I thought would stand out more than others. 

A big part of being successful and reaching that healthy lifestyle is emotions, figuring out what they mean and controlling them.  Emotions will build up more and more, some may be good, others may be bad.  Nowadays, people tend to hide their emotions from others to hide the pain they could be enduring. For a lot of people's emotions can cloud one's judgment that's why people make such irrational decisions when emotional or under stress.  I believe that human emotions affect us the most when you have no one to talk to or have anyone to go for help.  I think emotions probably play the most prominent role in everyone's day to day life.  To sustain a healthy lifestyle another factor is having unique connections with people throughout your life. Preferably more positive than bad ones will maintain that healthy life to something even more thrilling. 

According to Katherine Harmon, an author that specializes in human emotion she exclaims "Many children who have not had ample physical and emotional attention are at higher risk for behavioral, emotional and social problems as they grow up." The knowledge that is given just shows that feelings and having emotion are such a pivotal element to live a healthy life. One of the ideals that I have a challenge overcoming emotions in a better way.  Throughout high school, I struggled to make new connections. Someone, I thought I had a connection with but left when the going got tough.  After losing that, my life went down into spiral.  Until,  later on, I connected with someone else and has helped me live a healthier and happier life. That person dug me out of my hole and showed me what a good and healthy life really looks like.  She showed me that people's emotions  play a significant role in living a healthy stable life as well as having good connections.

Although with little to no connections or interaction with someone it can damage their body physically more than anyone would ever think it would.  When people don't have the proper interactions or the adequate love and care, they'll spiral down a hole.  Everybody needs to feel like they are connected to something or someone in some way or form.  Everybody wants that want of being needed by others, so they don't feel like they're alone. That's why children need that touch and connection at such a young age.  All those little things add up and will help the child in the long run. To live up to that healthy lifestyle, it starts at a very young age, it starts with the right human connection and interaction and the right environment the person is brought up in. 

Showing in James Clear's essay a photographer and author he explains and shares his opinion about human connections and why it's needed to live a healthy life.   Clear exclaims that "Human beings are the most social creatures on planet earth.  Fundamentally, we are here for connection. " As I said above the environment around you can either help or hinder your chance at a good life.  Throughout my early life, I do face challenges living up to my ideals of a healthy life. The first 15 months of my life I didn't receive the connection a child should feel when an infant; that shortly changed soon after. Later on, I was adopted at 15 months by a family that made sure that I felt loved, made a connection with me and held as much as possible to make up for the 15 months of my life.  Them adopting me really changed my way of on how to look at life in a different way.  Them adopting me,  I got the chance and opportunity to live a healthy good functional life to this day.  If it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t be where I am today, living in a beach city.  Coming to the states have changed my whole life, if I wasn’t adopted I would be living in extreme poverty barely getting by.  So for that, I am so unbelievably grateful for my parents and friends and family.  If it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t have had the healthy connections I have now to get through life healthy and stable.

All and all listening to my friends and family,  it helped make me improve myself as a person. I now am able to express myself to someone that I feel connected with and safe.  As I look back at my ideals on connection and emotions on living a healthy life it helped me for the better.   It took a while to figure out but I am living the definition of a healthy life since day one all thanks to everyone around that didn’t give up on me.  My version of healthy doesn’t just come from eating right its about having healthy connections and a good emotional state. Now being emotionally stable and having good connections with others I couldn’t ask for a better life to thrive through.



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