What Do I Envision for My Future Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 June 2021
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Thinking about a specific long term future you want can be a far reach for someone. This is because you are possibly setting expectations that may not be reached, leaving room for disappointment. When I think about my future, I try to keep it simple so when something I may have expected doesn't work out, I wouldn’t be as upset. The future can be a scary thing but we all have to face it one day, plan or no plan, and i’m here to tell you mine. 

I’ve always been indecisive on what I might want in the future. Job wise, i’ve always had phases of liking different professions, but after each phase was over i’ve always came back to wanting to become a psychologist. The human mind and the thought of helping others and walking them through the tunnel to happiness or healing, has always sparked interest in my mind. Now in the present time, i've come to the conclusion that I want to be a psychologist. I’m still figuring out what type of psychologist though. I’ve started thinking about being self employed and traveling the world, but I don’t know for sure yet because that will have its complications. I still have much time to figure out the details though!

Figuring out where you want to live can be an exciting portion of figuring out a general idea of what your future may be like. Right now I live in Colorado Springs, CO and I honestly don’t like it. I would rather live somewhere that is humid, at sea level, has warm misty rains, and green all year round. As of right now, i’ve been obsessing over the thought of living in Oahu, Hawaii. The cost of living is high but i am willing to work hard to get where I want to be. I don’t know how old I will be when I move to hawaii, but I want to be still in my younger years. In addition to everything I want in my future, I also have to focus on everything I need in order to get where I want to be. As of right now, I believe I will go to Pikes Peak Community College until i am 21, then I may try to apply for a university. But if things change, i will do college online and gain a masters degree in psychology.  

All in all, the future can be hard to plan out specifics for. But for me, I want to be a successful psychologist, possibly self employed, and I also want to live somewhere that is green all year round such as hawaii.



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