We Won’t Survive Without Kindness Essay Example

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  • Published: 05 September 2020
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In my country, Nigeria, corruption runs rampant, not only in its citizens, but also its leaders, who shred their bank accounts only to create bigger ones filled with money made off of the hard work of their people. If their souls aren’t void of any iota of kindness, why else would they do this? I look at other countries like Afghanistan where women are at the mercy of the men; where any slight mistake on their part would cost them their beautiful faces, and see a horrid monster each time they look at the mirror. If the hearts of these men weren’t bulging with wickedness, would they even think of doing it? 

Kindness means taking all the positive energy within you and spreading it to the world. It is a feeling of mercy from the heart that is borne of compassion. Many people think that to be kind requires an amount of money or an expensive gift. Instead, an act of kindness could be as simple as a smile to a disabled person, or even saying ‘hello’ to different people as you pass by them on the street. A kind-hearted person is someone who likes other people, and always wants to help them, even though they are unkind to him. I wish everybody was a kind-hearted person.

Last year, I saw some children beat a puppy with a stick just because its mother had bitten their brother. I felt sad for the dog and tried to stop them from abusing the dog. When I looked at the dog, sprawled on the floor as if it was dead, I couldn’t help but cry. Why did they beat the dog like this? Didn’t they know that animals had feelings and also deserved the kindness we ought to show ourselves? Since then, every injured dog, I have tried to help; every stray kitten I have taken to foster care; and every pregnant goat bleating in despair, I have tried to relieve. Have you shown kindness by helping an animal in trouble? I hope so.

Most people think that kindness can only be shown to other people. Few other people believe that animals also deserve our kindness. But, what about the environment? Do you stop to think about the very earth you walk on, and how unkind we are to it? Cars and other automobiles pollute the air with the smoke that come out from their exhaust pipes; so-called innovators tear apart forests just to build large companies and factories; and people dispose of their trash in rivers, which flow as streams to other people that drink the water, causing several infections. By recycling, planting new trees, composting products in our garden and disposing refuse properly, we can show kindness and love to our environment. Do you show kindness to your environment? I hope so. 

When I was carrying out my acts of kindness, I noticed something. In order to actually be kind to a person, or an animal, or even the environment, you have to be humble. People that are vain and proud don’t feel the need to help a lost child, an injured animal, or even clean out their local river. They believe such acts are for the less privileged. But do you know what? No matter how little privilege we have, whenever we do those things that are right, we have this feeling of satisfaction that we have helped to make the society, and the world, better. That is something they will never understand.

I wish I can help people around the world know that caring for ourselves, other people, animals, and the environment we live in are the only way to truly create a society full of kindness!



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