We Face Neither East nor West: We Face Forward. Essay About Our World

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  • Published: 13 April 2021
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According to this quote, in this life, there is only one way, and it is not possible to turn from it in either direction except forward. The lifeline is like a narrow bridge over an abyss. This bridge is divided into many parts. When a person steps over to the next part, the previous one falls, so it is impossible to step on it again. This means that a person cannot go back in time or change what happened in the past. Besides, it is unknown what will happen next, and the only thing that can be seen as encouragement in such a situation is the hope that tomorrow everything will be better. 

People live without any confirmation that life on the Earth will last forever. Although they know that every bridge has an end, they try to achieve as much as possible. The explanation of this is clear. Nobody has the desire to leave this world with the regret that nothing will be left after them for their next generations. As a result, most of them do not realize that they become too materialistic and lose the actual value of their short life.

In conclusion, we should remember that every step we take can change our destiny. Materialistic things will not help us in making decisions. What lasts forever is the hope that good things are going to happen. We face neither East nor West: we face forward. Only by moving in this direction, we will come to a happy end.



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