Violence in Video Games Essay Example

Video games do not cause violence because it is not the game that causes it, it is the person playing the game, like myself. I personally think that I have some anger issues because when I lose a game for something dumb like fall damage, traps, or the storm I tend to throw my keyboard across the room before I start punching it. That then makes me have to spend more money on keyboards than on my actual computer and my computer is worth $600 dollars. 

Many people play Shooters but those games are made so people have fun not think that if they shoot themselves they will just “respawn.” Most games that are ranked are Shooter games, that is why most people play them, they then try and learn be the best at them and sometimes people make millions, like the streamer Ninja. He streams the Popular Game Fortnite a Shooter game, but he tries to set a good example for his viewers he does not swear or do anything bad on his streams. He tries to be a good influence for his stream. 

I think that Most Shooter games are made for money they make the games because they know people will buy them just because they are shooter games, But not Tim Sweeney, who Developed the Game Fortnite He has bought 40,000 acres of forest so that they can not be used for construction. Today all that land he owns he could sell it for 125.6 Million dollars but he rather have those forests around than have power lines running through it. One of the things that Sweeney believes is “Money isn't something you sit on. You have to find ways to give back.”  The forest Sweeney has bought he has been donating it to make parks and some have almost 130 endangered plants and even wildlife and if he didn't buy them they would probably be gone. 

Video games should upgrade their verification system because a lot of peoples put that they were born in 1999 so it can put them as the age over 18 when they are probably 9 years old so that there is not as much violence because of the verification systems. I have done that myself for Steam but I am 13 now so I can play most of the games on there. GameStop should not let kids buy games like Call of Duty or GTA 5 even with their parent's permission because then it would basically be the parents fault because they gave the child permission to buy the game and that is why I think that it is not the game it is the people playing. 

When you're small around the age of 8 or 9 the brain is still developing and kids tend to do what they seem like if they see someone playing a gun game  they are then going to want to play those types of games. That is why a lot of people get addicted to a game they start thinking that they are actually in the game and they do stuff thinking that they have no consequences, but then reality hits them. That's why I think that they should take that out of game stores where the child has to ask for permission to buy a game that has violence in it so that people say that there is not violence because of video games. 

Most of people childhoods were playing Call of Duty and Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and that was when there was not much violence. A few weeks ago, my cousin came to visit me for a week and he had brought his PS4. While me and him were just trying to relive our childhood again by looking at the houses we had made in minecraft we had his little brother crying that he wanted to play GTA 5 and Fortnite. Just because they were little we had to let them play because the grown ups would say “Their just little kids let them play.” I personally think that my cousin's little brother and my brother are going to get mad a lot because we had to take the PS4 away from them so many times because they would get mad and cry if they died in Minecraft and they cry when we don't let them play Fortnite.



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