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Throughout the novel, Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks, Ben Silver changes significantly in several ways.  One of the more evident changes is ben’s attitude toward his younger sister, Olive, at the start he is mean and a bully, and at the end he is kind, and wants to spend time with her. Second is his physical appearance going from overweight, to fit. Another is the relationship towards his father as the experiences he did changed his perspective of him, 

A key way in which Ben Silver transforms in the course of the novel is his attitude towards his younger sister Olive, towards the start of the novel he is mean and really a bit of a bully to his younger sister doing things such as “tying her to a chair and dangling a cockroach in her face”, but towards the end of the novel he is much nicer and kinder to his sister. As he and his sister were walking through the forest he would carry her when she couldn’t walk and constantly stop and check if she was breathing, when she did stop breathing he would scream for help and beg her to wake “wake up Olive, wake up!”

A further aspect of Ben Silver which greatly altered in the course of the novel is his physical changes, before having to suffer through the horrors of the forest with Olive,he was a bit of a slob, he left clothes sprawled across his room, half eaten doughnuts and other quite grotty things, after surviving in the forest he realised how much of a disadvantage it was to be even “slightly overweight”, so after he survived, he started working out, determined to better his body, he started loving things like nature, and being outdoors, also being with his family is more enjoyable for him. In the end he develops into a more lean and strong young man.

In addition, Ben changes his perspective of his father, at the start of the novel he is quiet and really scared of his father because ben was just short and chubby, where as his father was tall, fast, and strong. And at the end of the novel, ben is stronger and leaner, he even wants to go back to the forest and when he does he meets his dad in the cabin and says to him “you aren’t my father” showing that ben is completely repelled from his dad and that he doesn’t really want anything to do with him.

In conclusion ben changes a lot through the novel in his attitude towards his sister, where he is much kinder and just better now, his physical appearance, from going from overweight to much leaner and muscular, like his father. And his attitude towards his father, from being scared, and nervous, to be able to stand up to his father and even challenge him.



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