The Tragic Tale of Ravioli. A Pet Essay Example

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  • Published: 17 March 2021
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Gather ‘round, children, for a tale of woes. Our story begins on a windy day in April. Excitement buzzed in the air as entrepreneurs from all over the east coast set up shop in an empty mall. It was the day of the Spaghetti Pet Expo. All kinds of animals, from snails to goats, puppies to goldfish, were in attendance. Enter our main character, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn stumbled onto the scene being dragged by two dogs and trying not to drop the third one she had in her hand.

Kaitlyn and the 4-H group she belonged to were there to do a few obedience demonstrations, which, by the way, will be referred to as demos from now on due to a lazy narrator. There were four demos scheduled that day, with plenty of downtime in between. It was after the second demo when she saw it. It had a banner with a dragon on it, most likely made by a child. A man in his early to mid-fifties stood at a booth surrounded by several people staring in astonishment at his hand. Naturally curious, Kaitlyn approached the odd scene.

The lizard was a handsome little thing, bright blue with an odd crest on the neck. Kaitlyn learned that it was called an anole*. For those of you that don’t know, anoles are small lizards, usually found in warm climates, who are desired for their ability to change color based on how they feel. As soon as she saw it, Kaitlyn knew she needed it. 

She begged and pleaded to her mother about how it was only fifty dollars, how it didn’t need a heat lamp, and how the cats wouldn’t mind. Eventually, and with a little help from the salesman, her mother gave in. The anole Kaitlyn chose was an active male. He was emerald green and enjoyed being held. He came in an orange cage with little pink rocks as bedding. It also came with a shell as a food bowl, a purple and black plant, a month’s worth of food, and a birth certificate. It took some deliberation and several changes, but the name Kaitlyn chose was Ravioli.

Flash forward two days. It was a Monday, so Kaitlyn woke up and prepared for school. Right before she left, she made sure to feed Ravioli and change his bedding. She went through the daily routine at school, telling her friends about her new pet, showing them pictures, and talking about caring for him. Kaitlyn happily walked home, unaware of the scene she was about to discover.

The cage was shattered, its contents spilled out onto the floor. The plant, once bright and colorful, was torn to pieces. Only half of the body was found, but that was all that was needed to realize what happened. The cat found him. It knocked over the cage, and as the lizard tried to scrabble away, it caught him. Due to the nature of a cat, Ravioli likely suffered before his untimely demise. Now, that, children, was the tragic tale of Ravioli.

That day, Kaitlyn learned that small animals and cats do not mix, as well as how untrustworthy salesman can be.