The Time my Amazon Fire Was Shut Down. Minecraft Essay Example

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  • Published: 21 March 2021
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One rather unhappy morning during the summer break, I woke up in my room and rolled off of my bed. (I have a bunk bed, but this happened just after we moved to Okinawa, so I had a normal bed.) I took out my Amazon Fire which was charging underneath my bed next to the nightstand. After I took out my Amazon Fire, I immediately logged on and pressed on Minecraft. A gray notification popped up saying that I didn’t own the game. Next, I tried again with Hill Climb Racing 2 but the notification still came up. A similar thing happened to all of my other games. Likewise, my brother came into my room saying that the same problem was happening with his Fire too.

Meanwhile, our mom was making eggs downstairs, filling the kitchen with a tasty smell before we came down holding our Amazon Fires. 

I immediately asked her, “Mommy, why won’t our Fires work?”

Peyton, my brother goes like, “Yeah, what’s going on? We want to play our games.”

Our mom replies, “Hold on, let me finish and then I’ll answer your question.”

While our mom finishes making her eggs, we sit down at the kitchen table in the dining room at the table and wait.

 After our mom finishes she says, “Now you may ask me your question.”

“Mommy, why won’t our Amazon Fires work?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” she answered.

The next day, she gets a call from the Amazon company that said our mom’s account was hacked and that our Amazon services were temporarily shut down until we set our services back up again. 

“Aw man, when do we get our Fires set up again?” my brother and I complain when she tells us what Amazon said.

“I’ll do it when you guys start behaving better and I have time to do it,” she says back.

“I sure hope that that time is soon then,” I remark.

To this day, my brother and I still don’t have our Fires back because “I don’t have time” or “Your behavior needs to improve.” I’m not very happy because I spent weeks working on a redstone project in Minecraft and if she doesn’t set the account back up, I lose the entire project; And this event happened in 2019! 



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