Tie-Dying Essay Example

Tie-Dying Essay Example
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📌Published: 14 September 2021

What is one way a person could kill their boredom? A person who is bored should try some crafts like tie-dying a shirt! Four major keys to making a tie-dye shirt are having or buying a plain white shirt, some color dye, an area with a flat surface that is okay getting stained, and time to do this activity. Tie-dying is fun and cheap, and following this process you can create a cute outfit!

The first thing you want to do is go to the store and get all the supplies you need. You can either find the materials at Walmart or Dollar General. You will need to buy a plain white shirt and color dye. You can either buy food coloring or color dye made for shirts. I would recommend getting the dye made for shirts because food coloring fades more quickly. Pick any colors that you think will go together very well.

Once you get all the materials, you need to go to an area where color dye won’t stain anything. I would recommend doing this activity outside by putting trash bags on concrete, so you’re not completely staining the concrete. Then, you need to lay the shirt completely flat. Once the shirt is on a flat surface, you need to twist the shirt any way you would like. You can grab the middle of the shirt, and start twisting it up clockwise. This is a popular method people use when tie-dying shirts. 

The next big thing you need to do is get together all the colors you bought. You can start by adding any colors to the shirt. Try to not put colors on top of each other if you do the colors can turn out not as pretty. Add the colors by sections, and really get the shirt soaked with your colors. This will make your shirt more vibrant!

Finally, you need to let the shirt sit for thirty minutes to one hour. Doing this will help the colors really set into the shirt. Once the time is up, take the shirt to the bathtub and rinse off the shirt. You don’t need to do this long, it is just a safety precaution so you don’t stain your washer and dryer. After a little rinsing, you can put the shirt in the washer and make sure to wash in cold water! The cold water will help the colors stay bright, as if washing in hot water it can take more color out of the shirt. When the washer is done, go ahead and dry the shirt as you usually would. You do not have to worry about the temperature when you put the shirt in the dryer. 

That is how you make your very own tie-dye shirt! This is a very fun and easy activity to do, and teach all your friends and family if they’re bored. Tie-dying is cheap, and your total won’t be above ten dollars. You can save money by making your own shirt, then going to a store and buying one already made for fifteen-thirty dollars!

Remember! This is just a sample.

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