The Third Reich Essay Example

The Third Reich was the official Nazi regime in Nazi Germany which ruled from January 1933 to May 1945. Arthur Van Den Bruck thought of the concept of the Third Reich. In his theory, he thought that making a Third Reich was the only way Germany can fulfill its mission of reviving Europe (Hamza). The Third Reich was one of the biggest parts of Nazi propaganda, but was later banned by the People's Education and propaganda in July of 1939(Samuels 4).

Hitler got rejected twice from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Hitler went to the academy to be a professional artist, but he failed his entrance exam. He was rejected once in 1907 and then goes on to get rejected again in 1908, which made him furious. He went on to serve in WWI. A few years later, he started the Holocaust and got revenge on the Jews.

The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation that ruled from 800 A.D. to 1806.  Charles the Great was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in Rome on December 25, 800 A.D., this was the founding of the First Reich. The First Reich came to an end when the Hohenzollern dynasty came to power and unified Germany (Wendel).

On January 30th, 1933 the NASDAP or the Nazi party was created, their führer or leader Hitler got named the chancellor of Germany. Hitler moved to Munich, Germany in 1913 and the following year he volunteered to fight in WWI. He served in the trenches and got wounded in action where he was later decorated for bravery (Libertarian-ish).

The government, before Nazi Germany, was the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic collapsed and the creation of the Third Reich started during the great depression in 1929. The Weimar Republic took an economic freefall and the Nazis saw this as an opportunity to make their party grow. From there, the Nazis signed to a coalition in 1913 with Paul Von Hindenburg. A coalition is a form of government in which power is shared between two parties. The SS Nazi organization later assassinated Paul Von Hindenburg so the Nazis could have full power over Germany.

Hitler and 8 other co-defendants went on trial for treason on February 24th,1924. Treason is a crime intended to weaken or overthrow the government, in this case Hitler overthrew the Weimar Republic.

Operation Barbarossa was the biggest operation in WWII. In this operation, the Germans were trying to take over the Soviet Union. The invasion against the Soviet Union took place on June 22, 1941. Due to ill-trained soldiers and the cold, Germany had to turn back. If Germany had won the invasion they could have easily won the whole war but instead, it was a massive turning point which prevented them from winning (Samuels 28).

Hitler got rejected from a Jewish academy and became resentful of the Jews.  Then he came across the idea of the Third Reich.  He went on trial with eight other co-defendants and went to jail for treason for 5 years. When he got out, he gained power through a coalition with Paul Van Den Hindenburg. Hitler's SS officers later assassinated Paul and had control over Germany. Hitler later carried on two of the biggest military operations in human history Operation Barbarossa and D-day. He failed to complete both of these operations. 

Hitler died on April 29,1945, by suicide but got married to Eva Braun before he committed suicide. Hitler's last words were: “I die with a happy heart, aware of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers up front.” Hitler answers the question. Can one man change the world?

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