Thinking About the Future Essay Example

Thinking About the Future Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 May 2021

Many people throughout the world think about the future. How it will be better, what you will be doing, and how your life will be. However, this motion of thinking can also affect your mental state. This is true due to you expecting more out of the future, your undermining the present as well as when that point in your thoughts of your future arrive you’ll probably be sad to see you haven’t done or met your expectations. 

 First and foremost, thinking of expectations in the coming future can truly make you very emotional or unhappy. This is true due to if you think upon the future and have many expectations you may not complete due to challenges, time, or work. For instance, in my life in 2018 during the cross country season, I was getting times that would qualify me for the state race that season. However, I got injured and got into some issues with the new coach upon many things which lead to me getting kicked off the team. This hit me hard because I had so many expectations for myself that season. On the other hand, though it is also good to think about the future, don’t count on it to always happen or not to have issues in completing it. Another example would be you asking a girl out that you like and you fully expect acceptance from, but she rejects you instead. Upon this, you will be emotional. However, if you didn’t think of asking her out then you wouldn’t have gotten to know if she liked you back and you would be attracted to her forever. Then, upon finding out she doesn’t like you, you’ll become even more emotional than in the first situation due to the extent of time thinking about it and waiting.

Secondly, if you were thinking about the future you would undermine the present. For instance, if you were thinking of how rich you would be in the future, and only that. Then when your in your present life where this goal wasn’t achieved yet you would think less of that moment in time. Even though you have to work in the present to make things happen or occur in the future. Another point to this is you wouldn’t have learned anything in your present life to get you to that goal or others. Through this, you wouldn’t achieve your goals and would be sad upon your thoughts of the future. On the other hand, though thinking about your future is a very strong and great thing. However, you have to remember the differences between reality currently, and your thoughts and aspirations. Finally, I have seen people throughout my life that thought highly upon the future and didn’t do anything in the present to change their situation or get to that point. This is undermining the present due to yourself not participating in the present to get to the future goal.

Finally, once that point in your thoughts you have been thinking so much about arrives and you haven’t achieved anything or only some of it you would be highly emotional. An example of this is when I believed I could go to the state meet for Cross Country due to my times in the 5k. I thought about it all the time and thought I could get their no problem and without any issues. This was quite wrong though, upon me pulling my hamstring, and me and my mother having issues with our new coach. However I truly don’t fully regret thinking of these thoughts due to them making me strive to do better, and after the injuries and issues getting back to those times, I was running. As well as to prove to others that I can still do it.

This is also why now I think about issues that may occur through the process of completing my future goals or aspirations and how I can avoid them or get through them to achieve my goals. Finally, another example of this would be if you are thinking of a goal of going to an ivy league school but didn't do anything in the present to inflict that interest. Now think it's your senior year and you look at the ivy league schools requirements and then you realize that you wouldn't even qualify to get in. This would make you emotional due to you thinking back into the past where you thought that you could get into one of these ivy league schools without any issues and didn't really need to try. Then you look back upon the new present, the future you thought of your freshman year and think why didn't I try harder, or why did I procrastinate so much.

To conclude, thinking about your future can be seen as good, but at points, it really isn't. Due to it making you undermine the present where you should start to achieve smaller things that lead up to your full future goal, or you expecting way too much for your future which would be impossible to achieve. Which would make you very emotional in the future and question why your future turned another way which you didn't want it to. Finally, if you are thinking of a future goal or aspiration don’t expect it to be easy and not have obstacles facing the success of that goal. Also don’t just think about your goal do things that will take you up to it in the present.


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