Things I Have Learned During the Past School Year Essay Example

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  • Published: 08 June 2021
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During the course of the past school year, we have learned a numerous amount of concepts ranging from grammar and verbals to writing a paper in MLA format.  This would help me when I was in the process of completing classwork.  We learned these skills through worksheets and essays.  Many of these topics that we absorbed can be applied to our future.  This includes formatting and writing an argumentative essay, identifying the author’s purpose, and figuring out the tone and mood, and recognizing and using implicit and explicit.

First of all, formatting an argumentative essay is important.  When formatting an argumentative essay you have to be able to support your claim with valid and appropriate evidence.  This goes for the real world as well as you need to be able to take a stance on something and defend your answer.  Comparably, you have to be able to refute other opposing views.  In addition to that, you have to research and make sure that your facts are accurate.  This skill is important in the future when you are learning something.  We used this concept when we wrote about Odysseus and determined if he suffered from PTSD.  

Next, identifying the author’s purpose can help me in the real world.  Identifying the author’s purpose is figuring out why the author wrote the text.  The reason why the author wrote the article can impact what information they include.  If the writer wanted to persuade their readers than they would incorporate facts that would strengthen their claim and cover up the items that don’t.  In order to master this skill we had to complete assignments on USATestprep.

Similarly, the Do/What strategy can also help in the future.  It can help me analyze prompts or tasks and can help me identify what I am supposed to do.  The Do/What strategy consists of a table in which you take the question and take all the verbs and put it into the chart.  Then in the next column put what the verb is telling you to do.  We were taught this skill through a Do/What worksheet that was given to me in the Odyssey unit.  This technique can also help with organization.

Finally, using implicit and explicit can be very useful.  Implicit means something is not stated directly and is implied.  On the other hand, explicit means that something is made clear and is stating plainly.  It can help me understand vague statements.  In addition to that, it can improve my writing skills and make my writing easier to understand.  We learned this through a worksheet that was assigned to us on Google Classroom.

In conclusion, many of the concepts we learned this year can help me improve myself in the future.  These skills include formatting an argumentative essay, recognizing the author’s purpose, incorporating the Do/What strategy, and using implicit and explicit.  Formatting an argumentative essay can improve my research skills and my ability to support claims with valid facts.  Identifying the author’s purpose for writing the article can allow me to use common sense and reasoning to determine if the text is misleading.  The Do/What strategy can help me organize my thoughts and allow me to recognize the task at hand.  Finally, using implicit and explicit can help make my writing clearer.



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