Is There a Relationship Between EMF Meters and Anomalous Events? Essay on Ghosts and Paranormal Phenomenon

Is there a relationship between EMF meters and anomalous events? Everyone has seen an EMF meter, whether that be in a movie, tv-show, or even in real life. We all know that those devices are said to be able to detect whether something either a ghost or something paranormal is happening. Most ghost hunting tv shows rely on these devices to detect the paranormal. These devices are how they show proof that something is happening. I, along with Jinks, think that these devices do not necessarily work, or at least not as well as people say that they do. These devices can go off very easily for things other than paranormal events. The earth is one of the main things that affect EMF readers, but these devices can also go off due to wiring in walls or other electronic devices nearby. Overall, when using an EMF meter, you need to be somewhat skeptical of how accurate the device really is and if it is picking up something to do with an anomalous event.

What is an EMF? EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. An EMF is either an electrical or magnetic effect on something (Jinks, 2012, p.152). Electromagnetism is the interaction of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields.  Most often these fields surround a specific energy source like a magnet or a battery, however, these fields could be anywhere and not having a specific energy source. A lot of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators use EMF readers to detect if a ghost is nearby or if something has happened there before causing the EMF to flare up. These devices, however, are not to be trusted as they can be influenced by many different things like the earth, wiring in walls, and other electronic devices (Jinks, 2012, p.155). The earth can affect these devices because of the earth’s magnetic fields (Jinks, 2012, p.155). Any walls that have newer wiring in them, have some sort of magnetic pull to them, this can cause an EMF reader to go off. Even with so many things that can influence these devices, many people still invest in them and believe that they work.

Even with so many things that can influence these devices, many people still invest in them and believe that they work. One reason why I think that EMF readers are so popular is because of television, every ghost hunting show uses EMF readers, and they are even used in fictional shows like Supernatural. In Supernatural, almost every episode involves the characters in the show to use an EMF reader or some other sort of device like an EMF. With Supernatural being one of the most popular science fiction shows that is still on television, many people have been exposed to the use of EMF meters. Today, people are very easily influenced by what they see on television and if television tells us that these devices work, people will think that they work. 

What is an anomalous event? An anomalous event is an event that is inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected. An example of an anomalous event is when we went to the Monterey House on the first night. The orb that I saw could be classified as an anomalous event because it only happened once, and it was something that normally would not happen. An anomalous event when dealing with the paranormal could be almost anything, from seeing a light orb to hearing a voice to seeing something mysteriously move on its own. Everyone has had at least one anomalous event whether it deals with the paranormal or not. When you are going ghost hunting in a house or building that you either know is haunted or one that you think is haunted it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of the history of the house or building that way we can see if something caused there to be more energy in one area than another creating an anomalous event. 

Is there a correlation between EMF and anomalous events? In the book, there is a section about an experiment that a group of researchers performed on a group of unknowing tourists. They took two sets of rooms, one set was the Haunted Gallery, which we will refer to as ‘A’ and the Gregorian Rooms, which we will refer to as ‘B.’ The group of tourists was then divided into two groups, one group was told that the ‘A’ rooms were haunted while the ‘B’ rooms were not haunted and the second group of tourists was told the opposite of this. In both groups of tourists, most people had more paranormal experiences in the rooms that they were told were more haunted beforehand (Jinks, 2012, p. 162). The interesting part of this experiment was that the rooms where most people had an anomalous event were the rooms where the EMF reader was picking up the most energy. The most common anomalous events that happened to these people were feeling the temperature change, headaches, foul odors, and dizziness (Jinks, 2012, p. 163). Overall, this experiment showed that there is at least some correlation between EMF and anomalous events, otherwise, there would have to be a lot of coincidences during this experiment.  

There are three main theories about electromagnetism, Soft A, Soft B, and Hard. The soft electromagnetic theories refer to the belief that energy is dumb (Jinks, 2012, p. 177).  However, “Soft A” considers this energy as natural and when a person who is sensitive to electromagnetic events perceives this energy, they experience nothing more than an image of something ambiguous or unclear (Jinks, 2012, p. 177). Natural, in this case, means that it is something that you can see, hear, or experience more often than in the more radical version of this theory. In Monterey, I think that there were multiple examples of this when we were using the dowsing rods. I personally do not think that something significant occurred in every spot that we had dowsing rod hits. Another example of this is when you capture a picture with dust flying around, and it looks like orbs are floating around in the picture when in reality it is just the flash reflecting off of the dust. 

The second  theory about electromagnetism is “Soft B.” This theory is the more radical approach that contends this energy as meaningful in the sense that it is truly anomalous and related to an actual deceased individual although it has no intelligent autonomy (Jinks, 2012, p. 177). Truly anomalous in this means that the event that had happened was completely unexpected and went against the way something normally should have happened. When I am saying ‘an actual deceased individual’ I am saying that with the anomalous event, however, the “Soft B” theory does not only revolve around seeing an apparition of a deceased person, it could be seeing anything else as well. It was important to add ‘an actual deceased individual’ because otherwise, the apparition could have been a hallucination. This could be someone seeing an apparition of someone who had died in the house or something happening based on a deceased person. For example, if the housekeeper is the deceased person then maybe a chair pushes itself in or something like that, but you will not see the apparition. In Monterey House, I personally did not encounter anything like this, but it reminds me of the story that started it all when the person staying in the house saw the apparition at the foot of the bed.

The final theory regarding electromagnetism is the “hard” electromagnetic energy theory. This theory is also called apparitional energy. This theory is when someone comes in contact with an apparition and instead of just seeing the apparition, the apparition interacts with the person viewing it. An example of this would be if you saw a ghost, it would talk to you or realize that you are there at least instead of you just seeing it and not seeing you. If the ghost interacts with you that is an example of the “hard” electromagnetic theory. If the ghost is just there and acts as if you are not there, you are most likely experiencing something from the “Soft B” theory. Overall, these theories are well, just theories. While they have some evidence of being true based on experiments and people recording their anomalous experiences, we still do not know if these events have any correlation with EMF.

Overall, there are a lot of different things to consider when you are using an EMF reader. When using one of these devices you need to make sure that you are not near any wiring in the wall which could potentially influence the readings on the device. You also need to pay attention as to what is going on around you instead of just constantly waiting for the EMF reader to spike. While the experiment that we talked about earlier in this paper does show that there is some correlation between anomalous events and spikes on the EMF reader, this does not mean that just because there is a spike on the EMF reader that there is an anomalous event that has either happened or is about to happen. There are multiple theories regarding EMF in varying levels from seeing something that could be natural instead of paranormal to seeing an apparition. Therefore, we need to be careful when we are ghost hunting and make sure that we are truly trying to figure out what is happening instead of assuming that everything is an anomalous event that is paranormal.



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