The Theory of Existentialism Essay Example

Existentialism is the concept that every individual must find the meaning of life through their own free will and choices, and personal responsibility. Man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself.  Sartre proposes to show existentialism, a philosophy of individual freedom that can be viewed as a form of a humanism which values the life of humanity through an individual’s contributions to society. Sartre proposes to show humanism as a term that shifts from our current understanding of our intellect and moral focus from God to human begins.  Since there is no God, the human focus is on the subjectivity of humans.  All humans have the potential to create a change lives but the moral values are now created by the individuals themselves and the responsibility to every human being. 

Existentialism is the only theory which can be argued that our existence is prior to our essence. Sartre describes in Existentialism as Humanism that without firm rules and moral codes the principle that guides society is broken and the fear of responsibility that is brought through freedom is the anguish of others. Without rules and moral codes, existence is the ideal of simply existing in life with no significance. Essence is giving one’s life meaning through one’s work and accomplishments in life.

The only way to have meaning in life is by taking action and making the existence of one’s life as an individual and making their life’s work meaningful. Sartre notes the value of a person is determined by their accomplishments and contributions to society in life. The project of one’s life is their entire being and value.  The concept of existentialism means that there is essentially no moral code and that people make their own actions deciding what is right and wrong.  Yet, they must suffer the repercussions of their actions because they had their own free will. Still, if there is no moral code, no belief in God, one could simply live with no moral code suffer the consequences of their own actions, yet live with no worry or stress in their life.  

Yet if People deny that they have done wrong and hide from the truth then they are living in denial and in bad faith.  Freedom becomes an obstacle and yet is the foundation for a new morality of freedom”



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