The Theme of Love in Hunger Games Essay Example

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  • Published: 06 June 2021
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Katniss and Peeta star crossed lovers forced to battle to the death, or is that what they want you to think. Katniss and Peeta are some of the main characters from the “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. They are the two tributes chosen from district 12 do participate in the “games,” and they end up “madly in love with each other.” Are they really in love or is it all just for show”

Firstly, was Peeta really in love with Katniss? Personally, I think he was in love. In chapter 10 he said that he has had a huge crush on her for a while. Why would he lie about that. He always wants the best for her. For example, when Katniss had to go to the cornucopia to get medicine for Petta"s leg. He didn't want her to risk her life for him. 

Even after the games, he still acted so loving and caring towards her. Those are my reasons for why I think Petta really loves her.

Secondly, does katniss feel any emotions for Petta? Honestly I think she's does have feeling for Petta there not as strong as his but there's something there. I think part of it is that she has feeling for gale. She's still very loving towards Peeta. One example is when Peeta was being operated on and she was going crazy. Again she risked her life for her. She would always take care of him. As well as when he had blood poisoning. She was taking care of him making sure that he felt okay. These are my reasons for why I think Katniss has feeling for him. 

Lastly, are there any actual sparks there. Yes there are, one example was when Peeta gave Katniss that burnt loaf of bread because she hasn't eaten in days.That showed that he really liked her because of that he took a beating from his mother. As well as when Katniss and Peeta slept together Katniss says she feels comfortable and safe laying there with him. You can tell that she has feeling for him too.Another example is when Katniss wakes up Petta and just he just stares at her as if he could “lay there and stare at her all day.” You can tell from there that's sparks flew between them. Those are my reasons for why choose to say that sparks were there.

In conclusion, I think that they are really in love, and that he loves her, she loves him, and that they have sparks there. I think that they will have a good relationship there might be some problems, but I think they would be good together.



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