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In the film “The Village” directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In this film there is a community of people that lives in an isolated village, they do not have any communication with the outside world by living in the woods. The people that live here fears the creatures that surround them, the residents of these towns have implemented strict rules, that townspeople shall not leave the village or cross the boundaries or else the creatures that beyonds them will attack and kill them, The pact stays true up until one of the bravest people in the village, Lucius Hunt, decided to cross the boundaries out of his curiosity, because of what he did, the future of the village threatened to change forever, things started to pile up about this village and the astonishing truth of it.  The directors have used various techniques in this film such as Two Shots, Sound Effects and Dialogue associated with the three ideas, which is to be Love, Affection, and Heartwarming. 

In the scene where Ivy and Lucius were sitting next to each other on the poarch, while having a conversation with a dark and foggy setting. The director used a film technique “Two shots” to help the audience understand the relationship between Ivy and Lucius and to show the connection of these two characters in the film,  this shows the idea of affection between these two characters. Because in the frame Ivy and Lucius seem to be comfortable sitting next to each other, while they talk and share what they really feel. Through this camera work it shows how Ivy trusts Lucius that much as she lets him sit on the porch in front of their house, and when she joins Lucius outside. In conclusion, M. Night Shyamalan showed how Ivy and Lucius build their affection and trust for each other, and them being comfortable together. 

In the same scene where Ivy and Lucius were talking, the director used another film technique “Dialogue” followed by the idea of Love, Lucius have showed the idea of love by saying intimate words to ivy, in this dialogue, where he said “ “you are my every thought from every time i wake”, “i fear for your safety before all others” this shows that he is really into her, and that cares about her as if Ivy is really an important person in his life that he can’t ever lose. Ivy started to tear up because she is touched about what Lucius told her and the willingness of him marrying Ivy despite all the flaws she has, and that she feels the same way as he does, which means that they are deeply in love with each other. In this technique the director had a chance to build a great relationship with the two main characters that are in the film, also to help the audience to understand how Lucius and Ivy unconditionally love each other. In conclusion, M. Night Shyamalan has revealed the love that Lucius actually has for Ivy, and the courage of him to tell that to Ivy face to face, he also revealed that both of the characters are deeply in love. 

In the same scene followed by the film technique that the director has used, “Sound Effects” the piano, harmonizing background music shows up right after Lucius have told Ivy everything, this technique helps the film to create a great dramatic tension in the scene, and to make the audience feel the heartfelt scene of Ivy and Lucius telling how much they love each other. Also to show how sincere Lucius is to Ivy, and which made Ivy teared up for all the intimate words he has told her, This shows the idea of “Heartwarming” because with the music it helps the audience to feel the romance that is going on between the two characters. In conclusion, M. Night Shyamalan showed how the use of this film technique can change the vibe of a whole scene by just adding music or any background effects, this also helps the audience feel more interested in the film, because as the music plays the dramatic tension strengthen. 

The director’s purpose for using all these different techniques is to show how the two characters in the film express their affection and love for each other, how they make sure to look after one another despite all the things that have been happening around them. The director has fully shown what it would feel like to be in a situation where you express yourself to someone you truly love, and this helps the audience to understand and feel what being in love actually feels like which shows the three ideas that are in this film. 

In this film “The Village”, M. Night Shyamalan it is absolutely necessary to maintain the whole tone of the scene, despite all the intricate happenings that the two characters have explored throughout the film which the director, M. Night Shyamalan achieved this by persistently changing the audience’s feelings in various scenes. Like in this scene he managed to capture the audience's attention by using different kinds of film techniques such as Two Shots, Dialogue and Sound effects followed by the idea of Love, Affection and Heartwarming.


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