The Importance of Sports For Education Essay Example

Imagine something with me for a second. Two teenagers are hanging out after school. One is enthused about the soccer team win, since he made the final pass that won the game, the other is listening, wishing that he had a similar experience. In his case, however, this will never happen. The first, let’s call him Tim, is a public school attendant, the other, Bill, is homeschooled. While Tim gets the benefit of learning teamwork and participating in his hometown, Bill is kept out because his parents chose a less conventional way to teach him. Is this Bill’s fault?? What if Bill has begged his parents to let him go to public school, but they repeatedly say no? Does he have not have a right to the benefits that public school sports bring?? I don’t think that he does. Homeschoolers should be allowed to participate in public school sports for a because their parents are still taxpayers, it allows them to participate in their community, and lets them socialize.

Let’s start with something that a lot of homeschooling parents complain about, they still pay taxes like public school parents. My parents send me to a school district that I am not in, because of this, they are paying for me to go to another school, while still paying taxes for the other. When Elder Grove, my brother’s middle school, decides to build a new building using taxpayers dollars, my parents pay for the spike, whether or not we are going there. We had to pay taxes on Elder Grove’s buildings even while we were homeschooled. There are people that are outraged by this. Some say that they are paying for the upkeep of the school, they are paying for that team’s jerseys, so why can’t their child join in to play? 

Schools argue back with that they pay for extracurricular activities through fundraisers, and that they are paid by how many students go there. But if they are only joining a sports team, wouldn’t the funding for that team cover the player? As for the fundraisers, homeschool parents be a lot more willing to participate if their child was benefitting. You would get their family on your side as they rallied around the player. 

A major reason that people support sports teams is that it allows kids to participate in their community. In St. Petersburg, Florida, a teen was asked by a friend to go to the homecoming dance with her, and spent upwards of $140 on tickets and clothes. The night before the dance, the friend’s mom called saying that the school had called saying the teen would not be able to go because he did not attend their school, but was instead homeschooled. The school claimed that it was because of space, and the lack of a background check, but the teen’s father insisted that he had sent them more than enough to show that his child was an upstanding citizen who deserved to go to the dance. (Ramirez, 2006) Many believed that this boy should not have been turned away, and I must agree. Discrimination against homeschoolers is very blatant in areas, and it shouldn’t be.

Especially when there are studies proving that there are benefits in participating in public sports. Global Sports Development shows a few of the benefits in the following categories, physical, social, and emotional. It says, “(A)dvantages of sports include: weight control, problem-solving skills, self-esteem, social competence, academic achievement. And sports can lead to reduced rates of: juvenile arrests, teen pregnancies, school dropout.” (Runyan, 2018) It isn’t fair to deny homeschoolers these benefits.



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