The Importance of Friction in Everyday Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 18 September 2021
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When two surfaces rub against each other, friction is formed. The surface(s) that are rubbing against each other always move in the opposite direction of friction. Friction causes two objects that are coming into contact to stop or slow down. The amount of friction is determined by the materials used in the surfaces. One everyday example of friction is running, walking, or jogging. As your planted foot grips on the ground, it pushes backwards. Then the ground pushes forwards on your foot.

Friction occurs when two items meet, it’s what causes them to stop or slow down. The materials used to make certain surfaces can impact the friction. Rougher surfaces create more friction. If you try to slide a book across carpet, it will create more friction than if you slide the book across wood. This is because carpet is rougher than wood. Friction can also be influenced by an object's grip. This is why shoes for climbing have more grip than normal walking shoes. 

Friction is applied in a wide variety of activities, including walking, running, cycling, jogging, and other regular ones. Because there is more friction on the carpet, you are less prone to slip. If you wear socks, you are even less likely to slip. Both of these surfaces are rough, therefore the friction created is higher. When you shower, you -- or something else -- might accidentally slip. This is due to the water on the cold surface. Both your skin and wet floor are somewhat smooth or soft, these surfaces cause less friction. 

When a car is driving, there is a driving force, which is what makes it accelerate. The things that slow down the car is air resistance, its weight, and friction. 

One disadvantage of friction is not being able to slow down fast enough in a moving vehicle. When a person stops walking right in front of you, you might be able to stop fast enough or you could bump into them but it won’t do much damage to either. Whereas in a moving car it could potentially result in injuries or even death. One advantage of friction is having fun! There are lots of fun activities such as rollerblading, ice skating, go kart racing, going down slides, riding bicycles and a ton more that include friction. Without friction you would simply slip and slide all the time.

Friction therefore plays a big part in our lives, without friction you would simply slip and slide all the time. Friction is what gets us to stop, turn and glide on surfaces. Cars wouldn’t work the way they work now without friction.


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