The Effect Of The Industrial Revolution In  Increase In Wealth

The Effect Of The Industrial Revolution In  Increase In Wealth
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While economic and social changes have occurred throughout history, certain time periods have seen extraordinary developments. One such time was the Industrial Revolution. Society was affected drastically with now having to work in factories. This affects the working class and the middle class. Also, the economy had shifted from agriculture to manufacturing. This caused an increase in wealth and more efficient manufacturing. These are all positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution.

During the Industrial Revolution, there were many social changes happening in England due to working conditions. This document shows their extremely long hours and little breaks. The children had to work in the factories also which prevented them from attending school. They were pushed really hard and were exhausted. All those conditions caused bad health, exhaustion, and children to not be educated. This document describes how people got illnesses like lung infections from the fumes and smoke in the factories. Also, people have died from the machines and infections from the factories. The people that worked in the factories were at high risk and it wasn't safe to work there, but people still had to so that they can make money. This affected the people because many people were dying from working and they couldn't do anything about it. This shows how the country changed socially because these working conditions caused a lot of damage and deaths. 

The social effects of the Industrial Revolution were at times positive and at times negative. In this case, the extremely long hours were an extremely negative effect. They had to work non-stop and had no other choice. The document shows how much they had to work with extremely short breaks. Also, the children couldn't go to school which meant that the future generations couldn't read or write. This impacted everyone by being overworked and that the generations to come wouldn't be able to do anything except work because they never went to school. Illness and deaths were certainly a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution. This document was a conversation that showed that many people got infections from the air in the factories. Also, that people were getting injured and even dying from the extremely dangerous machines. This is significant to society because many people were dying and they couldn't do anything to stop it because they wouldn't be able to make money otherwise. The Industrial Revolution had many negative effects on England and overworking, illnesses, and deaths were only some of them. 

The Industrial Revolution had a big impact on the economy in England because of more efficient manufacturing. This document shows the new way that cloth is made during the Revolution. In the Revolution, factories and machines were made and manufacturing became easy and more efficient. This decreased the costs of goods and made them easier to obtain. Goods were made faster and cheaper due to machines. This document shows the growth of iron production before and after the Industrial Revolution. It started increasing dramatically after the revolution. It became easier to produce goods like iron and iron production became faster and more efficient. This process made it easier to get iron, helped in construction, and many other things. These reasons show how the Industrial Revolution changed the economy in England. 

There were many different things that affected the economy in England during the Industrial Revolution like more efficient manufacturing. A new way of making cloth is an extremely positive effect. The use of machines in factories made manufacturing much more efficient. This made it cheaper for people to buy goods. This document shows the new way that cloth was made and that it was mostly made with machines. This made goods cheaper for poor people and it also made those goods easier to obtain because they were producing it faster. A positive effect of the Industrial Revolution was the increased production of iron. The new machines and factories made it easier to produce. This document showed the increase in iron production after the Industrial Revolution. It started dramatically increasing after the period of the revolution. This made the production of iron much more efficient and cheap. These are only some of the positive effects on the economy of England due to the Industrial Revolution. 

In summation, the Industrial Revolution had many different positive and negative impacts on England. England had changed socially from the harsh working conditions and the long hours in the factories. Also, the economy of England had shifted due to machines and factories making manufacturing more efficient. The little breaks, long hours, and bad conditions in the factories are all negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. Additionally, Manufacturing becoming more efficient and affordable was certainly a positive effect of the revolution. The Industrial Revolution had many negatives and positives. For the people who lived in England at the time, it was bad because of the harsh working conditions and other things. These caused the government to make laws and enforcements which improved life after the Industrial Revolution. So, the revolution was overall bad but led to good things for the future. Lastly, absolutism is bad and isn't a good form of government. This is because one person shouldn't decide what happens in an entire country.

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