The Challenge of Space Exploration Essay Example

The exploration of space is the exploration of the human mind. The more we know and learn about space the more we are extending our knowledge of who we are as humans, and our place in the universe. Humans thrive when challenged, it is part of our evolution, exploring space is the next step in this challegeing adventure to extend our evolution. Space exploration not only challenges the way we think but also the way we view ourselves in relation to the universe. 

For many years, the human race has been interested in space. We have looked up and wondered about the knowledge that can be accquired from studying our place within the stars. Studying space has lead to a multitude of discoveries, such as that of mathematics. For years, Greek philosphers looked to the stars to gain perspective on who we are as humans and what our purpose is. The exploration of the ideas that were formulated from the observation of space have provided a growth 

in knowledge. Humans need a challenge. Without a challenge we cannot grow or adapt. Without this challege we would not be evolved. Is space exploration the next step in human evolution. The challenge of space exploration seems the next step in our long history of challenges that make us adapt and grow. 

Space exploration may be the foundations for the creations of new societies and even new advances in medicine. The only way for the human race to move forward is to accept new challenges, such as space exploration. 

The challenge of space exploration will not only develop humans in terms of evolution, but will also provide an expansion in our knowledge and what we understand. Overall, space exploration will be beneficial to every aspect of the human race. Exploring space, explores the abilities of humans.


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