The Atlantic World: Essay on Slavery, Migration, and Imagination

The Atlantic World Period was a time of interaction between The Americas, Africa, and Europe. The Interactions of these three Countries rose new ideas and the key features of the Atlantic world that had to with the environment, slavery, government, and Revolutions. 

The Exchange between the Atlantic world began with a process called the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange was the trade of plants, animals, cultures, and Diseases, and other things. This caused Environmentrmental adaptation as new plants and animals were introduced to different countries and also Diseases were introduced to the people of these countries. With new diseases being introduced across this exchange it caused high death rates among indigenous people of the Americas. 

High death rates among Indigenous people of the Americas caused shortages of slave labor. Thus began the Slavery Era of the Atlantic world. In the Koran and Bible slavery was permitted so people thought that it was okay and the demand for slaves began to skyrocket. Countries like Dahomey would go to neighboring countries and raid them for slaves the demand was so high. Countries relyed on Slavery to keep trade going. The Atlantic trade system between the Atlantic countries was a huge factor in slave rates. Slave trade was one of the biggest if not the biggest ways to trade, so it was a very important key to the economy of the countries. Finally in the 1800s countries started to abolish slavery after hundreds of years.

Revolutions were also a very important key part of this period. There are two particular revolutions that important in this era called the dual revolutions. The dual revolutions consist of the French revolution and the Industrial Revolution. The French revolution was philosophical and social, The Industrial Revolution was technological and social. Both of these revolutions were a key factor in shaping the way the world is today. The Industrial Revolution brought new machinery to the world and made jobs for people from the countryside, with that being said it caused more people to move to the city which caused unsanitary conditions which then inspired the French revolution! The French revolution was sparked because people in France were tired of how they were living and wanted to overthrow monarchs.

The governments were tested by things like the dual revolutions, Where people wanted more freedom and there were also more technological advancements. Bill’s of rights were written in the Americas and Europe due to the dual revolutions during this time. There were also different rises and falls of government in all different countries due to the slave trade system that was established. So the government is also an important key part of the Atlantic World.

These Key parts of this period were so important Because they have helped not only shape our world in a sense of learning more about the world but also shows us the sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, and why people thought, what we now know is wrong, was right. These points also show the interactions between these countries not just the trading systems but also their beliefs and the way their country is run.


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