The Sub-Saharan Trade Route Essay Example

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  • Published: 11 June 2021
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The sub-Saharan trade route, which began in 300 B.C.E. until 1,100 C.E, removed the method of people movement. It had some struggles due to foreigner attacks from nomads and additional empires. The excursions within the Saharan desert were time-consuming, lasting nearly 90 days wandering on camels. The movement of gold was extremely long which made it difficult for people to get gold quickly. As the Europeans showed up, they ended up moving the sub-Saharan trade all the way to the Atlantic. The Northern and Eastern European empires exchanged trade with Ghana, Songhai, and Gali; this made it possible for European thoughts to transport to Africa. Shortly after, the Mediterranean countries were able to connect to the trade for gold, in return, the Mediterranean gave salt. 

The main financial support for Mali and Ghana was the trade. Trade was taxed every time it traveled; the majority of trade was ivory, gold, and slaves. The money that came from trade went primarily towards militaries and Muslim intellectuals. What affected the development of Ghana and Mali was people practicing their inherent beliefs. People still believed in animal scarification and many gods contributing to the environment. People also believed in social class, dealing with nobles and peasants. With marriage, men had all of the authority, but women in Africa were able to have more possibilities compared to other cultures. A few women were able to have power and hold a position as an influencer for being deliverers of life. People from other places were insulted by the way women were treated in Africa. 

Trade allowed for Christianity and Islam to start spreading throughout Africa. Christianity deals with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible; they believe in the Trinity. Islam deals with the teachings of Judaism and Christianity. Islamic people study the Holy book Qur'an straight from God, who they call Allah. Where Christians do not typically fast, it is a string part of Islamic practice. Christianity became a state religion in Ethiopia once their royal court accepted it. Since Ethiopian people were practicing it, this made it possible for Christianity to be passed down onto documents that could be studied later. Christianity made its way into an Islam society, forcing places to be separated into city-states.



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