Story of My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 11 July 2020
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The day and hour don’t matter. The moment does. On the left corner from the shelf in my dark tiny closet on the right side of my room. There is a box. A box with a horse on it. 

In it are stories within stories about my life. My father gave it to me as a gift when I was a little girl. He told me  to hold on to what mattered. I did not come to the realization of the lesson he was trying to teach me until years later. Objects do not  matter, but the meaning of the object does. Who knew a drawing, photo’s, tickets, a piece of wood, a letter, a verse, and a lyric could tell a story. 

When I get home after school, I go up to my room and move a box down from my shelf of my dark tiny closet and take it over to my bed. I reveal the memories from inside the box. The first thing I discovered is a picture apparent of  my best friend during the time I lived in Pennsylvania we were at camp together playing a fun game of gaga ball. I remember learning to have patience and wait till someone makes a mistake, afterwards take them out so I could win the game. The next item I pull out of the box is a ticket to a musical, my sister was in, Mary Poppins. That musical taught me that anything can happen if you let. I put the ticket down and reach for a piece of wood from 6th grade camp thinking about all the things that had happened during the 6th grade. One of my favorite memories is when me and my brother’s friend were making fun of my brother for being short because I was almost as tall as him. 

As I came to the next item from the box, I thought about my brother and sister, how they have both moved on from high school and are working hard for their dreams.  I long to work as hard and as thorough as both of them. I looked down, seeing a picture of me, my brother, my sister from the beach a few years ago. I have learned so much from them both on what to do and what not to do just by watching them grow up and mature. As I continued to go through all of the pictures, tickets, objects in the box. Till I got down to the last item in the box with a horse on it. A letter from my old soccer coach telling me to always be the amazing you that you are. To continue to have a want to learn and ask questions, to never give up on yourself.  I realized everything in my box has taught me a valuable lesson and the box itself, with nothing in it, just a horse on top. The box has taught me to enjoy life’s little moments. It doesn't matter if I succeed at my goals or fail, there is always a lesson to be told even if the lesson is told from a box with a horse on it.



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