Story of My Life Essay Example: Dance, Debates & Robots

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  • Published: 13 April 2021
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Who am I? It is a simple question, but it can take a lifetime to answer and part of that answer is based on what you have experienced and who you are surrounded by.  As a teenager I am still in the first part of my life. Right now, I am a culmination of my life with my family and with the other people who surround me. The person I am now is a result of my close relationship with my family and the time I have spent dancing and taking part in other hobbies of mine. 

I was born the youngest child of two amazing parents and have an older sister who I have looked up to my whole life. My parents taught me from a young age that if I wanted to succeed in life, I must work harder than everyone else in the room. This idea has kept me working hard to achieve my goals of going to college and becoming an engineer. Being the youngest of my family also impacted me greatly. Since I was often surrounded be people much older than I was I often tried to act as mature as posable to impress my parents and relative. However, this maturity made it difficult for me to make friends since I was taught to be more mature then my peers. This dilemma has made it difficult for me to relate to others my age and is still a struggle for me today.  

My family also taught me early on not to be afraid to ask questions, share my opinion, and never backdown if I believe strongly in something. I learned most of these lessons from my grandmother who often used our time at the dinner table to debate politics and polices varying form local level changes to International problems and relations. These debates could last for hours. One time my grandmother and uncle went back and forth for over four hours! By the time we got to dessert half the table was almost asleep and the other half had disappeared into the kitchen. Throughout these debates my grandmother tried to include my sister, cousins and I, often asking, “what do you think?” or “how would you handle the situation?”. Most of the time my grandmother only received blank glances for answers, but as I got older, I understood more and more and was finally able to respond to her questions.  

In addition to my time with my family, my hobbies have had a large impact on who I am.  I am very interested in dance and Robotics. I stated dancing when I was 8. What started out as a way for my mom to get some alone time, soon turned into a passion of mine that has taken up most of my time since then. My friends at dance and I always say that if we spent any more time in class, we would have to sleep on the couch, in the office, of the studio. While dancing at the studio, I have learned many hard lessons that I would not have learned without my time there.

I learned that if I compare myself to others, I will rob myself of happiness and that sometimes no matter how hard you try life is just not fair. In addition to dance I have always enjoyed anything that has to do with robots or space. This fascination comes from all the time I have spent with my dad.  He is an engineer, and he has taught me all I know. One thing that my dad and I bond over is a TV show called Battle Bots which sparked my interest in Robotics. We watch the show every week and my dad and I spend most of the time trying to figure out how the robots work. We have even tried to build our own robot, but my mom shut that project down when we nearly destroyed the kitchen table! 

Who I am today is a jumble of the time I have spent with my family and the time I have dedicated to my hobbies. My family taught me to do what I believe in and never step aside if I think something is wrong. While dancing I learned discipline and compassion for others, and through Robotics I learned to never stop wondering and seeking answers. As of right now, this is who I am, but like all things in life I may change with time. I will not be the same person five years from now that I am today, but for now this is who I am and that is the most important thing.



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