Stereotypes of Generation Z Essay Example

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  • Published: 21 July 2020
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Every generation since the beginning of time has been judged or stereotyped by their predecessors. With new technology being continuously introduced each generation accumulates certain stereotypes. The reason technology gives us certain stereotypes is because since technology is new, there are new stereotypes being developed. Since the start of Generation Z, we have had constant connectivity to the virtual worlds around us. Generation Z is always having a connection to the virtual world we are often labeled as the most accepting, web-savvy, app-friendly, and technology-dependent generation. Although there are many other ways to express our generation's traits with sexuality, gender identity, social media, and technology. 

Growing up, I started to see more people become self-aware and self-accepting of who they were. I felt since they were so accepting of others, the virtual world felt more comfortable to be around. Scholar Dan Levin wrote an article for The New York Times addressing self-identity for Generation Z. In this article, Levin mentions “We have the tools and language to understand identity in a way our parents never really thought about” (Levin).

This includes more understanding of people's opinions of their views of life, including gender identity. With this, Generation Z is becoming more accepting of other people's choices. I even have friends or family that are using preferred pronouns, and many of my friends do as well. Levin then expresses, “The postmillennial group of Americans for whom words like ‘intersectionality’ feels as natural as applying filters to photos on Instagram” (Levin).  Since we have become more accepting of people and their choices, it is easy to be who we want. 

As a part of the generation who is labeled “the most web-savvy”, I feel like the web has played a vast  role in our lives. Since we can access the “virtual world”, we are opening ourselves up for a whole different perspective. Generation Z can access information almost instantaneously with the help of technology.  Gibson points out that “They represent a significant turning point”

( Gibson) by allowing us to access information at our fingertips. Generation Z understands technology intuitively. Many of us growing up could connect to the virtual worlds and start to create friendships that will last a lifetime. When I was younger and playing games, I made an abundance of my friends online and I still stay connected with them throughout my life. We are always supporting one another online when we see a post. Levin then mentions that“Their friendships started out on Youtube. I could tell you everything about them, but not what they look like in day-to-day life” (Levin). So, as we are starting friendships over apps,  it “Allowed some teens to feel more empowered and connected." Being the most web-savvy generation, we have become more and more dependent on technology. 

With us being able to connect to the virtual world and access social media, many of us tend to spend many hours on the screen and becoming more dependent on technology. This is because we have the ability to exist in virtual worlds. While we are in the virtual worlds, we get to be who we want, you can fake your whole identity and no-one would know. Gibson then observes that “They spend between two and five hours a day in front of screens.”(Gibson)

This goes to show that we have already started spending a considerable amount of our time online. While being online, social media can take a negative toll on you and this is because, through social media, people have the power to say and post almost anything you want. Mastroianni states that “43 percent of young people have been reported being bullied online” (Mastroianni). While fifty-seven percent of young people haven’t reported being bullied online the negative toll is apparent. Since we are becoming more dependent on technology, the negative impact it has on us takes an even bigger toll. 

Generation Z has always had access to the virtual world through social media, internet, etc.. With the new technology Generation Z has gained certain stereotypes, these include;



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