Soaking in the Sun Essay Example

Soaking in the Sun Essay Example
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From generation to generation individuals love to immerse in the sun. Weather it is to receive vitamin D or to feel the warmness created from the sun or simply bronzing your skin in the sun. The sun has numerous great effects on the population and the world you live in. Without the sun there would be no sunlight, could you imagine living in a dark world with no light? So let us explore the many pros and cons of the Enormous sun we encounter on an everyday basis. 

The sun brightens individuals every day, the sun helps not only the human bodies it benefits the world in numerous ways. Some ways that the sun contributes to the earth is by providing sun light which helps produce heat. The sun rays help heat up the oceans and help moderate the weather, while keep the earth rotating. The Sun also provides energy and gives off oxygen.  If the sun did not provide energy to the plants there would be plants for animals to eat nor no vegetables to be grown. 

Which would make food a rarity for humans to survive. The sun is also very good for the human body the sun produces oxygen which humans also need to breath. Those two are very important for humans to survive, on an average reported that a human can live three weeks without food so the population would not survive without nutrition. Could you imagine even going a day without any nutrition? The sun also provides Vitamin D which humans bodies need to survive and maintain health. The human body needs thirteen vitamins. Vitamin D helps the bones and strong teeth, bodies receive this from sun exposer, milk and eggs.

Even though there are several perks that originate from the sun there is always more or less negatives that can take place. With technology growing by the minute, scientist have been discovering explanations for issues that have been occurring. One main concern for our population is questions if the Sun is a good source for the human body or is the sun very harmful to human bodies. Back as far as the 1600’s individuals were suddenly passing away with no remorse and sometimes no symptoms shown. During that era there were a hand full of health concerns so they were just related to diseases. With studies and trial and error scientist came to a conclusion for humans passing away and having health issues. The inventor of the stethoscope named Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec discovered the disease called skin cancer. This discovery was determined in the 1800’s and is still evolving every single day. Scientist and doctors are still trying to find a cure and prevention to cure not alone skin cancer but all cancers. 

Skin cancer can be triggered by more than a few things nevertheless the most common source of skin cancer is UV rays from the sun. As well as UV rays that are in tanning bed, which are seemed to believe worse than the actual sun itself.  UV Rays stands for Ultraviolet radiation, which the main source is the sun. Stated from the American Cancer society that there is three different types of UV rays. UVA, UVB, UVC each one of these have different types of effects on the human body.  To breakdown and specify each type of UV rays and their target areas. UVA is one of the long term effects this ray causes wrinkles and damages skin cells. For example most people who use a tanning bed receive UVA and are more to be expected to have skin cancer. Some facts about UVB is the foremost reason individuals receive sun burns if exposed to the sun for an extended amount of time. Last UV Ray is UVC which is not found in light and barley reaches our atmosphere.

There is more or less steps to help care for your skin from UV rays to help avoid the ability to obtain skin cancer. Sunscreen is proven to help prevent. Sunscreen is made up of several chemicals that combine together to divert the sun away from humans skin.  Live science has an article that describes how sunscreen works. On June 25th 2010 this article states sunscreen is made up of “organic chemicals including minerals such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, act as a physical sunblock.’(Live science). 

Sunscreen has SPF which stands for Sun protective factor. There are different levels of SPF which help detect how much procreation human’s skin wants to receive from the sun. The chemicals that make up sunscreen absorb the UV rays. The main chemical that absorbs the rays is known as Oxybenzone. The chemicals that reflect the light off of the skin is titanium dioxide as well as zinc oxide. As good as it sounds that sunscreen helps protect skin from sun rays that produce cancer, sunscreen is not one hundred percent preventable from receiving sun damage. Although it does deflect sun rays away from the skin, the skin is not receiving as much radiation as without sunscreen.

Every individual has its own point of view and can be debated on whether the sun and UV rays are beneficial for the surrounding atmosphere, or are the UV rays immoral for the human body. This question is arguable. Even though chemicals are physically combined together to help prevent skin damage that prolongs into skin cancer. Cancer is a leader in deaths in today’s world until there is a cure to help cure cancer and diseases but while waiting, there is simply so much that sunscreen lotion and gels can do to help prevent. 

UV rays help contribute to our atmosphere more than we realize, and humans would not be competent to survive without the sun and the benefits provided. Humans need sunlight, plants to grow for nutrition and the oxygen to keep humans lungs breathing. As much as the Sun Rays are bad and killing people due to skin cancer, humans need the sun way more because without the UV rays there would be no humans on earth to live and reproduce. Until chemist figure out a solution to help prevent sun damage our society will have to compromise with the downfalls of UV rays. 

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