Should Women Rights be Allowed in the Workplace? Essay on Discrimination in Workplace

Should Women Rights be Allowed in the Workplace? Essay on Discrimination in Workplace
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📌Published: 13 May 2021

The issue with women rights is not a new one today. Why are women choices forced and not given any approval?  Women rights are not just about fighting for their own body, but also for their beautiful life which they deserve. Life is not like being a part of 4 walls and working for household. It actually means that they should be asked before taking decision on behalf of them. God has given same senses to each an every individual it is just the matter of body features which come into question for women particularly. So what do you think about it? Women is actually a perfect combination of everything.

They are the one who makes sacrifice for others. They are the one who are pointed for their behavior. It is very easy to say that her parents did not teach her good manners, but hard to tell the actual truth. Women should be treated same as men because in the word “WO-MEN” and “FEMALE” men is a part of it. If he is equally included in a word than why not in life. There is a lot about women rights that should be considered before taking decisions. If mind of people can be changed or manipulated it is easy to achieve our goal. Everybody should see her as the way she is not pinpointing her behavior, style, culture or personality. Women should receive equal rights and freedom because they matter, their confidence matters, and their success matters.

Does women rights actually matter? Yes. Their life matters as they are the one who gives birth to future generations. “Women have to do more to prove their worth”(Horowitz 1). Why do women have to prove themselves to do something in the world?. It is said that god created every individual just made some changes in women which makes her life more important than man. He is the one who evolved that only women can give birth to babies. If this is the reason than why does society doesn’t ask god to prove his creativity or give a reason for his decision? I know it is impossible to ask god, then why do we force his decision on someone else. It is important not to connect gender with opportunities as everybody has right to choose their life. “And there are significant gaps in the shares of Democratic women and men who point to women not being encouraged to be leaders from an early age (63% of women vs. 42% of men) and to sexual harassment (56% vs. 41%) as major obstacles for women in politics”(Horowitz 9).

Women are far more better on understanding situations-either personal or professional. They are born with ability to correlate problems and get a solution. They understand the importance regarding birth of a girl, when a girl is by herself, when she is professionally tensed, when she is married to an unknown person, when she herself gives birth and the thought about her family when she dies. This shows that their life does matter not only because they give birth to a child but also for they understand life of every individual equally.

What is confidence? Confidence is actually firm trust. It is important to keep confidence on yourself to succeed.“In both business and politics, majorities say women are better than men when it comes to being compassionate and empathetic, and substantial shares say women are better at working out compromises and standing up for what they believe in”(Horowith 5). It is said that women are always fixed with their mission and have understanding of their surroundings. They are obviously not born with confidence so the question is “What actually builds up confidence level in women?” Answer to the question is that they go through many struggles in life to maintain their position in the society. It is very hard to accept people’s nature and react positively. Those affected words heal the confidence level in women asking them to take a chance in every situation.

Females are said to be best caught up with emotions, so they effectively share out problems with their closed ones. It is not always that women needs a support but sometimes it’s better to have support to view the problem through different perspectives. “Most say women having to do more to prove themselves is a major barrier to female leadership”(Horowith 12). Stereotype threat is a situational predicament in which people are or feel themselves to be at risk of conforming to stereotypes about their social group. It has main impact on confidence.

A stereotype that females perform less on spatial skills than men, but when taken into observation female perform well on it when they are asked to act as a male. On the other hand, men performed better when they were told that they did better and performed worse when told females performed better than them.  Thus, what they believe was true did matter to them causing changes in confidence level. It’s important for women to stabilize their confidence level as they are easily short-tempered and practical. Their confidence helps them to believe in themselves and their true abilities. 

Success is the best way to define your capabilities. It’s is not always true that you will succeed in every part of life. Obviously at some point you will be jealous failing in your mission and see others succeeding. It is not wrong to think it that way, but you should apply it to yourself too. Everybody’s success matter for their nation. Keeping that in mind, why is women not rewarded with their performance? Why is women’s personality connected to their career? Why does she face barrier when she is almost there at the point to succeed? ‘“Whenever you see a successful woman, look out for three men who are going out of their way to try to block her”’(Tymoshenko). You will always find someone underestimating her abilities which would affect her in a negative way.

One way towards success is viewing all aspects of problems from different dimensions. Success is not hard to achieve, but it is peace of mind which is hard to follow. Being a successful women in the world is not easy at all. You should have passion and attitude to work with the environment and deal with situations. “The share of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies reached an all-time high of 6.4% in 2017, with 32 women heading major firms”( Pewresearch). Women are progressing in fields of politics, business etc. They are capable of it but are not given chance to work on it. For example in politics: Rebecca Felton was first woman to be appointed as political maneuver in 1922, but she served for only one day. Why only one day?  If women success is rewarded than in no longer time anyone can be Kalpana Chawla-first american astronaut from indian origin; Sheryl Sandberg-chief operating officer of Facebook; etc. It is not woman who does not believe in her success, it is us who don’t help her believe in success. 

Women will be the future of our nation. Though women rights are better at some point, there should be more positive effect towards it. There will be a time during which men and women both get equal rights and position- politics, business etc. Women should have right to use their voice either for positive aspect or against negative aspect. According to Indian mythology, it is said that a boy brightens name of his own family only, but a girl brightens name of 3 people- one of her husband, one of her mom dad who gave her beautiful life and last one of her new family after marriage. Remember it is girl who goes through various stages in life- moving to a new family after marriage and going through pain while giving birth.This is to be considered that women matters equally with her life and status in the society.


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