Should the Driving Age be Raised to 18 Persuasive Essay Example

Should the Driving Age be Raised to 18 Persuasive Essay Example
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📌Published: 18 July 2020

In most states there is a specific age you have to be to be able to drive. In the 1940’s the legal driving age was established and said they should be at least 16 to get their licence. Before the 1940’s there was a few states that already set a driving age of 16. The legal driving age should not be raised to 18 because most 16 year olds get jobs or have after school activities, parents might need help with errands or responsibilities, and teens should have the opportunity to get used to driving before being on their own. 

A lot of teens at the age of 16 are getting jobs or joining activities at school and either do not have a way there or a way home. Most parents work the same hours as their kids activities or jobs. For instance, I had a job over the summer and my hours were 11am-5pm, my parent works from 8am-5pm. I would have to either find a ride to and from work or depend on my sister, that also had a job of her own. Once I got my license at 16 i did not have to depend on anyone to take me to or get me from my job. 

Also there are many parents with reasons on why they need help with certain errands and responsibilities such as working late, disabilities, and emergencies. Some parents rely on their teen being able to drive because they are not able to do a simple task like getting groceries or something highly important as picking up their kids from school or daycare. If there’s a family emergency or someone is disabled at home that makes it impossible for the parent to drive, the teen will be able to take them where they need to go whether it be doctor appointments, hospital, or even visit a loved one. 

When people turn 18 or graduate most got to college or simply move out. I personally believe that  by the time you hit 18 you should have a little experience with driving. Most students in college take a bus or a taxi because they are not comfortable with driving or do not know how to. For the people that chose to move out, usually move In with someone that has a car or they call a taxi. It’s easier and more affordable to be able to drive yourself to classes or where ever you need to go rather than not driving from feeling inexperienced. 

In conclusion, the legal driving age of 16 should not be raised to 18 because a lot of teens have jobs and out of school activities, parents having emergencies or disabilities, and so when they enter “the real world” they feel comfortable with driving on their own.


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