Should Animals Live in Zoos? Essay on Animals Rights Protection

Zoos have been around since 1847, but are they safe? More than 3,000 healthy animals that have lived in the zoos of Europe have died every year. Many animals are kept in zoos because they were being rescued, but there are more that are in the zoos because they got captured and sold.

Many animals in zoos die from people throwing food or anything else at them. A 5-year old Kangaroo was pelted with rocks until it would jump, but he did not. He had a foot injury and an infection, he later died from internal bleeding. Later a 12-year old kangaroo died at the same zoo from being pelted with rocks. In China, a student in Beijing threw sulfuric acid on bears in the city’s main zoo. In 2016, a polar bear that had been kept in a mall in southern China attracted a wave of sympathy for its lonely existence. Even though staff members at the Fuzhou Zoo had visitors who were known to throw rocks at animals many of the animals have died anyway.

Although there are many zoos who are trying to preserve the animals, including rhinos, they are not all safe. Three female and two male rhinos from the Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic will meet in the Czech park to get used to each other and get ready for their transport to safety. There are only about 900 subspecies remaining in the world, 90 of them in 22 European zoos. His zoo has successfully returned four rhinos to the wild. African rhinos remain in some zoos to be safe from poachers who kill them, although they also have a likely chance to die in captive.

Even though zoos keep animals safe, they are a threat to animals who do not usually live in the habitat they are put in. A fire broke out in an enclosure at one of Britain’s largest zoos. Some animals died because they could not get out of the enclosure, if the animals are healthy, they should be kept in the wild and not in captive. Many animals die every year in zoos because of the habitat, depression, loneliness, people, or fires because they are not in the wild when they should be.



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